Sunday, January 6, 2008

truth revealed...

Last night we went to a Pastor's meeting - an Epiphany party. We had some delicious food and fellowship. Then we put the tables away and broke into groups to play games. Now mind you... we were all in the ministry - either pastors, spouses or children...

We laughed and cheered and sang and made crazy fools of ourselves - sorry, no pictures (they would be great blackmail ) ... the competition was heavy - the cheating was heavier! We decided that there was no way to ever know who won because no one was playing fair.

But, mission was accomplished. We got to know each other and we had fun. No one was mad or upset by the cheating, but encouraged all to "make it" and win ... we were real... we were not trying to be perfect and something we were not. We acknowledged our weaknesses and laughed at ourselves.

It was a great night.


mandy said...

can i confirm that the same happens on a seminary campus.


glad you have a place where you can let your hair down!

Sarah said...

preachers play games! GASP GASP!!!!
Are you really allowed to have fun?

Merrie said...

it is amazing that preachers and their families are human and real and can enjoy life.
it was fun to see how much everyone wanted to win.