Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reading Reflections

This summer and spring I have actually been reading lots of books.  I had done so much required reading for my doctorate that I had stopped reading for pleasure.

One of the last books I read was The Traveler by Andy Andrews.  It is not a new one, but it was to me!

Andy really inspired me to take a look at my life and to be thankful and to realize some things.  One of the first things was that "the buck stops here, I am responsible for my past and my future"!

WOW!  Did you get that?  Yes, others may or may not have treated me the way I wanted.  But, the truth is, that I was where I was and did what I did and the consequences are TOTALLY because of the decisions that I made!  The way people treated me was because of MY choices, not theirs.  No one else is responsible for my life.  I chose which road to go down, which job to take, who to marry, who to have as friends, how much to spend, what to do everyday, etc ...

I can't blame anyone in my past for where I am today.  At any time, I could have done something different that would have changed my attitude, my perception, my position, my belief, the way I was treated and my future.

It does not matter what kind of parents I had, or didn't have.  I does not matter how they treated me, or if they were present in my life too little, or too much.

It is not anyone's fault but mine if I need to lose 15 pounds.  If I am unhappy, it is my responsibility to change.  No one is responsible for my happiness, my fulfillment, my health, my welfare, my accomplishments, EXCEPT me!

I have to take total and complete responsibility for where I am today.... spirit, soul, body, financially ...

When I do that, then I am also able to take responsibility for my future.  It is up to me (of course, with the help of God!) to determine what my future will be.  I can choose to work hard and save and do what needs to be done to be where I want to be in the future.

If I want to go to California, then I must make plans and provision to head west.  If I don't, then I will stay right where I am or end up some place I never wanted to go.  If I want to lose weight and be fit, then I can choose to to eat right and work out! 

This is a lesson that all who are successful learn and implement into their lives.

If you happen to read this and think it is about you ... well, maybe it is, but more than likely it's not!  It is not meant to be offensive or pointing fingers.  It is to express a truth to help live life to the fullest and accomplish what God intended.

and ... if you are offended ~  please find a fence and GET OVER IT!