Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankful Weekend...

Here are a few pictures from the holiday and family... Thanks especially to Jenny for taking lots and LOTS of fun pictures...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Moving Right Along...

We are back home now from our wonderful Thanksgiving time in Tulsa! What a fun time! We had lots and LOTS of food and eating treats and pleasures. The grand kids were so much fun!
It was great to see Jenny again and look forward to sharing holidays since we have the privilege of sharing grandchildren. She was kind and brought her really nice camera and took some family pictures for us... to be seen later...
We had no mishaps or strange occurrences... only good food and good fellowship and lots of love in the family.
One precious little one didn't feel too well, but she still managed to play and have some fun before she gave in to sleeping on her daddy's chest.
We didn't even get out into the shopping frenzy. We talked about it, but none of us were "up" for it. So, we just got out Christmas decorations and began that process. One daughter even got completely decorated! It is her first Christmas as a married woman and so it was special with their first tree. (remember those days?)
Now we are home and discussing whether we are even going to decorate this year. HE says "no need, none of the children are coming." I say that I decorate for ME. Oh well... the debate goes on and I think I'm winning.... I threatened to go out and BUY more decorations if he does not want to go and get the ones out of storage.... hehehe...that one got him!
See you soon with decorations in hand!
Oh... hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! and Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Mary Ann!

(okay, so I was going to post this on Thanksgiving day... oops... chalk this one up to bad timing!... so I hope that Mary Ann HAD a Happy Birthday!)

I just wanted to wish my "oldest" friend a wonderful Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving! I say oldest, but I'm older than she is ... but we have been friends since the 2nd grade.

We were able to get together in September and enjoy our old neighborhood. It was fun to catch up on things going on in our lives and laugh and laugh. Even though it had been YEARS since we had talked or been together, we were able to pick right up with our friendship.

So, Happy Happy birthday to a wonderful friend who influenced my life and stuck with me through the good and bad times and believed in me when others thought I was no good.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday things...

Things I get to do so we can leave Dodge to head north! I am so excited to have 3 days off work AND get to spend time with all my kids and grand kids AND eat, eat, eat!

1. I have to dust and vacuum and clean the bathrooms and kitchen. You KNOW you can't leave home w/ a dirty house. I mean, what if someone needs to come in and they find the tornado hit INSIDE the house rather than outside! How could you possibly explain that????

2. I also have to wash clothes and iron. It doesn't matter that everything probably will need ironing AGAIN before you wear it, it still must be wrinkle free before it is put in the car.

3. Folding and putting away all the other clean clothes goes along with cleaning up before leaving the house.

4. I have to make sure to have my wardrobe planned out. It will be in the 80's tomorrow, but Wednesday it will only make it to the 40s!!!!! Yikes, I don't think I'm ready for that huge change. It may be time to head back down to South Georgia!

5. I also have to find my Christmas sweaters. You know that you can't wear fall clothes and colors after Thanksgiving! Everything must be red and green or black and white... no browns and tans and oranges.

6. I may have to do some bribing to get those clothes because I think they are in storage someplace.... hummmm, any suggestions on how to sweeten someone up to get them over there?

7. I also have to type the bulletins for this Sunday. I'm not sure exactly when we are coming back but I know that I will not want to type them late Saturday night!

8. I need to gather up all that I'm taking so it can be packed and in the car by the time I get home from work tomorrow at 2...

Well, have a Happy Thanksgiving! I sure do plan to enjoy my time and get lots and lots of sugar from the grandbabies and hopefully not so much from the food... or I'll need a new wardrobe when I get back home.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Since this is Thanksgiving season and it's also my 75th post... you guessed it...

75 things I'm thankful for!

1. Warm afternoons with the sun shining
2. Pecans falling that I can pickup
3. My husband and that he loves to eat out as much as I do :)
4. Good friends to email me
5. Godly parents who still love each other and are alive
6. A precious little dog
7. Warm clothes
8. "jeans day" at work
9. GodTV
10. My Camry
11. Phone calls from friends
12. That I did not know everything my kids were doing
13. That my kids turned out VERY well
14. Grandkids
15. Freedom to worship Jesus
16. The military who protect our freedom
17. Good health
18. Education
19. Deodorant and toothpaste
20. Blog friends
21. Digital cameras
22. Sharp scissors
23. Computers
24. Books to read
25. Prayer
26. President Bush
27. Cell phones
28. Makeup
29. Hairspray
30. Hairdryer & curling iron
31. Feather pillows
32. Down Comforters
33. Bright colors
34. My job
35. Chocolate
36. Cookies
37. Nuts... any kind
38. Gifts to give
39. Gifts received
40. Good attitudes
41. Freshly ironed clothes
42. Clean sheets
43. People to love and share life
44. Weight loss
45. Strawberries
46. People who serve
47. People who pray
48. A clean house
49. Wireless mouse
50. Fenced in back yard
51. A loving husband
52. Music
53. A good word in due season
54. Encouragement
55. Forgiveness
56. Mercy
57. Peace
58. Good roads
59. Someone to cut my grass
60. Memories
61. Organization
62. Heat and A/C
63. Washer & Dryer
64. Refrigerator
65. Ice for my water
66. Jesus
67. Bible
68. Sister and Brother
69. Cousins
70. Vitamins
71. Babies, kittens and puppies
72. Flowers
73. A garage w/ door opener
74. Wisdom & discernment
75. Knowledge

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Time

Here are a few pictures from our fun "Halfy Birthday Celebration"

The "halfy birthday girl"...

Not sure about Papa's big hands... she seemed to really be fascinated by them...
Big brother enjoying the great food...
Aunt and uncle reading to the girl cousins...
Aunt holding daughter and nephew...
Daddy and uncle and the puppy condo...

Papa's hands...Uncles... the game

Not sure what happened to the rest of the "girls" pictures... can you guess WHO was taking them?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun times ahead...

Tomorrow - Sunday - we get to go to Tulsa! We will be celebrating our youngest granddaughter's 1/2 birthday. We will sing "halfy birthday to you..." Fun fun fun....
The whole family will be there! I get to see our daughter in law pregnant and showing! She is so tall and beautiful, that she probably only has a little "bump" even though she is about 5 months pregnant by now.
I am going to try to concentrate during church and pay close attention.
I am already packed - except for the last minute things...
Yes, I am very excited!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Rare Happening...

Yesterday Hugs'um had an out of town meeting. This is one of the very rare times that he traveled alone. That means that I was at home alone.

I have never been a person who is full of fear. It has never bothered me to be alone. So, this was a fun time. Not something that I would want all the time. But, occasionally it is nice.

I got lots of things done. But the funny thing is that I didn't HAVE to do anything, so what I did was very rewarding. I had some great time just reading and praying and listening. I didn't even really want the tv on. I enjoyed the "quiet". I stayed up late, and got up early.

I did get away with something... I let the dog sleep with me. He was sweet and stayed still most of the night, but he did watch and listen for "daddy" to come home.

This afternoon you should have seen him get all excited. He could not be still he was so happy to see "daddy".... he licked him all over his face and hands.

I was glad to see him too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mama's Swing

This is my Mama's swing. It is in her back yard. During the spring she decided to go out and fix it up. She trimmed back the limbs so she could go and sit in the shade. She worked and arranged the chairs so others could come and sit with her.

Daddy got a little upset with her because she would decide to go out and work around her swing and she didn't let him know she was going outside. She even climbed up on some chairs to cut the limbs. I know that the angels must have been watching out for her because she did not fall and hurt herself.
Mama loves her swing and loves to go out and sit in it and talk. It is a great place of comfort to her.
Some of my favorite memories growing up are going to both grandmama's houses. They both had big swings on their front porches. It was always so much fun when the cousins were there and we would swing and laugh and sing and take naps in the swing.
There is something so soothing and comfortable about a swing. Especially under a nice shade tree in the summer when the wind is blowing and the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming close by. ... and being there with someone you love.
I enjoyed sitting in the swing with Mama this fall. She and Daddy sat out there talking and laughing and remembering and singing.... I'm sure she will want to get back out there as soon as it warms up enough. We'd better watch out and make sure the limbs are cut back so she doesn't feel like she needs to clean it up again!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Some days I wonder if I will ever grow up and what I will be when I grow up. I know that sounds strange for a 58 year old to admit. I still think that I am "young". When I go home to visit my parents, I still feel like a little girl. Even though things have changed and in some areas the roles have reversed.

Just being there is comforting and having my Mama tell me she loves me and misses me, means the world.

It is impossible to turn back the clock of life. It is not possible to change the past or rewrite history.

It is possible to rewrite the future, and change what lies ahead.

Even though my brain thinks "23" when asked how old I am, my body and energy don't go along with it. I suppose that "23" is the age I am "stuck" in because that is how old I was when we got married. That is the only thing I can come up with.

I realize that I am where I am today because of decisions that I made in my past. Where I am in the future will be based on decisions I make today.

If I am not happy with where I am, then all I have to do is change my attitude and actions and decisions. One leads to the other.

So, I will be more diligent and faithful to complete my school and get that elusive degree. I don't know if it will really make any difference in anyone else's life. But, it will make a difference to me.

So, if I'm not around the blog as often, it is because I'm studying more and pressing on to completion. It is important that I do this ...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Snoozing...

Yes! I got a nap today! Yippee. I actually slept for 1 and 1/2 hours! I never sleep that long - unless I have headache or it is night.

We got in from church and did not have our normal 1st Sunday covered dish and Administrative Council meeting. So, I fixed us a quick salad and was going to stretch out for 15 mins and get up and do some things for fun.

Ha... I guess the extra long night we had wasn't long enough! I woke up and realized I had "overslept" and needed to get lots done.

Then, I decided to go to Walmart because I realized that I have a couple of days this week I have to take something for covered dish type things. I don't enjoy Walmart on the weekend and try to get there during the week. However, I HAD to have stuff for tomorrow. OOPS... not good planning on my part.

Plus, my favorite store was having a storewide 40% off sale on EVERYTHING. How can you resist that? (I found some cute things... I'll "show" you later)

So, I did some abnormal things on Sunday (for me) and went to town and shopped.

Hugs'um had to go to a District Meeting from 4 - 8 and he went with a couple of the men from the church - so, I got out of that too! (That was also a HUGE blessing!)

God's goodness to me today was amazing! I got to hear a great word! Eat a delicious salad (even if I did make it myself!) ... got in a very good nap (much needed) AND did not have to go to a LONG boring meeting... and got new clothes... wooooohooooo!

God has done great things, and I am glad. (what may not be great to some, is great to me since the town I live in has a Dollar General and gas station... seriously, that is all... nothing... so going to town is great!)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Five

Five things I remember...

1. I remember when we had a beautiful hot day in March and wore shorts. The next morning we woke up to a huge snow storm and the schools were closed. We were all sooo surprised, but loved not having to go to school and being able playing in the snow. I was in the 3rd grade.

2. I remember when someone came to spend the night with us. He walked into the house on the ground floor and his room was on that floor. My cat got into his room and he just opened the window and threw him out. The next morning our guest looked out the window and was surprised that he was two stories up. Glad the cat was "Lucky" (that was his name) and landed on his feet.

3. I remember when there were gas wars in our neighborhood and the gas was 16 cents a gallon. We could fill up our car for $5! The budget for weekly gas was $3 for the VW and $5 for the Buick. (now we feel blessed to find gas for under $3 a GALLON!)

4. I remember when we first got married that we went to the local butcher shop and got whole chickens for 16 cents a pound. Then we rewarded ourselves and walked to the ice cream shop for ice cream.

5. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my mama sent me a beautiful white blanket immediately to celebrate. I still have it!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thankful Thursday!

I was thinking/ singing this song this morning and was extremely thankful!

God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me,
He will make a way...