Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union

Did you watch the State of the Union address by our President tonight?
How do you see the state of our country? Are you full of fear or faith for our future?
Do you care who our next President is? Are you registered to vote?
We MUST come together and pray for our nation and the election.
Our President did a good job of painting a good positive picture.
Let's see how the news tears it apart...
Which brings another question. How much stock to you put in the news/media to report a true and accurate picture? Who is your news team of choice?
Have you come up w/ a candidate for President that you can support? Mine dropped out already. I'm sad... We have no clear strong voice... again we MUST pray!

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BeverlyDru said...

We go to the polls in Florida today and I am voting. Always have, always will. I do not see a clear choice either. I see strengths AND weaknesses in my top 3 picks: Hucakbee, McCain and Romney. Here at the last hour I could still be influenced but as it stands I will vote Huckabee. At least I trust his source, though I wonder about his ability to lead our country.
I am so up to my ears in campaign rhetoric that I could not bring myself to watch the state of the union address last night. : (
I am not so optimistic about where our country is headed. I think we have some really tough times ahead. The light will get brighter and the darkness will get darker. I think it's time to build the ark of safety. Those without that are going to be in serious trouble. However, we have a hope and a promise!