Friday, January 4, 2008

After Christmas Sales

Is anyone else having trouble with the sales this year? I mean, I can't really find the good ones.

On the day after Christmas my daughter and I went to Ross looking for some good deals. I love to get some beautiful decorations at half off. BUT, they were not marked down! The manager informed me that they would not mark them down until after New Years.

My hugsum went to Dillard's looking for some of his favorite clothes since he had been given a gift card there. Well, THEY weren't on sale yet either. He was told they would be on sale the end of January!

I did go to Hobby Lobby today and all their beautiful decorations were marked 80% off! I loved that and got some really nice things... not many ... especially since I only used a very small portion of the decorations that I already have. But, it just isn't after Christmas unless you can find some good deals. I did resist getting anymore serving plates though. I may be sorry, but I don't think so. I really don't ever plan another open house or huge entertaining event.

I guess that's why the economy is not doing so well... things are not on sale! I'm holding on to my money (and gift cards) until I find some good prices!

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Maggie said...

I found my best sales at Kroger, the local grocery store. 75% off. I found two of the "Santas", authentic-looking dolls I loved pre-Christmas. They were 5 bucks a piece! I wanted to enjoy them so much I sat them in my garage to see them after Christmas for a while! God is so good.

But, no...not much in the way of great sales!