Monday, January 14, 2008

100th Post

Yikes... 100 things about me... can you stand all the excitement???? Okay, so it is not actually my 100th anymore. My 100th post was actually about my son's birthday. I thought that one was way more important that 100 things about me... so, it is actually 102.

1. I am a Jesus lover - I can not remember a time in my life that I did not know Him.

2. My first memory is before I was 18 months old. I remember it because I was in disobedience. I was going up and down a step that I had been told not to. We were visiting Carrie Vaughn just before our family moved to Woodstock.

3. I quit college to work full time at a bank to save money to be able to travel Europe for the summer.

4. Daddy's wisdom offered to pay for the trip if he could chose the trip for me. I went on a tour with a seminary professor and about 20 retired (old) pastors and wives. I was 18 at the time and very well protected!

5. I have been to Israel twice - and would love go again.

6. I have never been to Canada

7. I love black olives and green olives. I also love them mixed with cream cheese.

8. I hate conflict and confrontation

9. I went to Mexico in 1975 and took my oldest son. He got a sombrero.

10. My first car was a Karmen Ghia - a sporty Volkswagen

11. The car wouldn't start unless it was jumped off by being pushed. Unless I parked on a hill I met lots of nice people who helped me. (Thank God, I was also protected from some weird ones!)

12. My second car was a Volkswagen bug with a sun roof.

13. I have owned 2 Volvos

14. My car now is a Toyota - guess you can say I prefer foreign cars

15. I love Sonic ice, and will stop to get a drink w/ extra ice just so I can have the ice.

16. I received an ice maker for Christmas 2 years in a row. (The first one died and so was replaced the this year).

17. I have a water distiller (and use distilled water to make my ice)

18. I drink mostly water, but love Diet Dr. Pepper. I try to limit those to one a day.

19. I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe - and that's all the sizes you get, unless you want my ring size and that is 6 1/2.

20. I have a tray that my mother made about the time I was born

21. I have some African Violets that have pink ruffly leaves and purple flowers

22. I love to crochet and knit

23. I have a big plastic storage container full of yarn and pieces of afghans - not "quite" finished

24. I have led/taught "Experiencing God" Bible study in 3 different churches 5 different times.

25. I have been in the choir/praise team in 4 different churches

26. I have played (not well) the piano, flute, saxophone, accordian, and guitar

27. I love to play cards, especially canasta

28. I am not athletic and was always the last person chosen for the team in school

29. I liked to "tumble" - do gymnastics - when I was in 6th and 7th grade

30. I was painfully shy in school and would not give a report or answer questions.

31. When we were first in the ministry my husband would just announce, "now, as Merrie comes to sing"... I had no preparation, music or warning... yes, I did it

32. I do not like oysters

33. I don't like fish or fish taste - especially crab, tuna, etc.

34. I do like fried flounder

35. I am a registered Republican, but more on conviction than party

36. I used to bake a batch of cookies every day, but had to stop when all the children left home because I was still eating them all (and my clothes showed it!)

37. I have only "owned" one house. Most every other place I have lived has been a parsonage provided by the church.

38. I did not own furniture when we moved to our present parsonage and it was not furnished. I got to get some. Most of it is used - actually, ALL of it is used. It was given or gotten from garage sales.

39. I love storage baskets. (not laundry baskets - that means work!)

40. I have a funny sense of humor and laugh at all the wrong times and places. I got in trouble all the time we were on the tour of Israel. Our guide said I laughed in the holy places and I should not. I was so tired I was giddy... besides, my friend MADE me laugh!

41. I have a very hard time sitting still and am constantly fidgeting and moving.

42. My husband has a hard time sitting next to me during church because I move so much that I distract him. It normally isn't a problem since he rarely sits because he is the one preaching.

43. I used to think I was pregnant every month. (I guess it's because I was pregnant so often)

44. I was pregnant or nursing for over 5 years straight and that was with my last 3!

45. I had a purple 3 speed bicycle when I was 10. My best friend across the street got one just like it the same year for Christmas too. (They must have been on sale at the local store)

46. When I was growing up we seemed to always have someone other than an immediate family member living with us. We had uncles, aunts, cousins, grandmama, friends, foster children, college students and even people we didn't even know but needed a place to stay.

47. I have never lived in the same house more than 4 years. When I was a little girl, we lived in one house for 6 years, but after I got married, we have moved often.

48. One of my choices for a college major was psychology

49. Another choice for major was interior decorating

50. Another choice was home economics

51. I planned to get a degree in early childhood education

52. I did not get a degree in any of those...

53. I sold paint and wallpaper. I also sold draperies, bedspreads and window shades.

54. I do not really like chocolate chip cookies, especially semi-sweet chocolate. I like them better if they are milk chocolate chips.

55. I love fruit - all fruit

56. I eat fruit for breakfast almost every morning

57. I also drink a protein shake for breakfast with my fruit

58. I do not really like toasted bread for my sandwiches - what am I talking about??? I don't even like sandwiches!!!!

59. I love chicken piccata - chicken and pasta with a lemon and caper sauce

60. I don't usually eat much pasta

61. I don't care for the taste and texture of mushrooms and neither does my daddy. I will eat them, but daddy won't.

62. My dog is named for Andy Griffith.

63. We had a cat named for Barney Fife, but he disappeared after we moved here.

64. I do not miss pine trees with their pine cones and pine needles and the heat they hold in. They are pretty, but messy and hot.

65. I love tulips and gerbera daises

66. I prefer bright colors to light colors

67. I have never read the Bible all the way through. I have started many times and have then read through it based on what scripture was for that day. I always plan to go back and read what I missed, but never get it all done. I have read all the Bible in parts, just not all the way through starting in Genesis going to Revelation.

68. I pray every day. I could not make it if I did not. I pray different lengths of time and at different times.

69. I pray every time I take a shower.

70. I love Beth Moores teachings, but have a hard time with her Bible studies because they are so tedious. I grow by leaps and bounds when I do them, and enjoy it afterward. But during the study, I feel like I'm being beaten.

71. I love to watch Joyce Meyer. I get lots out of her teaching because it is so practical and hits home!

72. I had 13 black cats at one time

73. I crocheted a king size bedspread - and never used it. It is too heavy and besides, after I finished it I was sick of it and hated the colors!

74. I have a rocking chair that my grandmother started housekeeping with.

75. I have my other grandmother's kitchen table and buffet.

76. I was born in south Georgia and grew up in Atlanta. My husband was born in Atlanta and grew up in south Georgia

77. I worked at an Instant Sign company. I made huge signs on the computer and then laminated them.

78. I used to buy 4 of each Christmas ornament so that I could give each child a "set" of ornaments when they got married.

79. I have read all of Frank Peretti's books except the last one. I have read most of Gilbert Morris's books. I have read most of Janette Oke's books. I have read most of Jan Karon's books - all of them about Mitford.

80. I have not read all the Left Behind series. I read the first 5.

81. I had a cocker spaniel named Freckles. He saved my life by swimming between me and a water moccasin when we were swimming in the creek behind my house. The snake bit him instead of me. Freckles died.... I lived.

82. I had a dog named Patches. He was half cocker spaniel and half schnauzer. He was brown in the front half and black curly hair on the back.

83. I don't like to talk on the phone much anymore. I used to talk on the phone all the time. I hate to make phone calls... and have been known not to answer if I don't know who is calling.

84. I have a MySpace page. I don't check it unless someone emails me from there and the only way I can get the message is to go to MySpace.

85. I love the beach and would rather go to the beach than almost anywhere.

86. I love flowers. I don't enjoy working in the yard, but I love a pretty yard, especially one with lots of blooming flowers.

87. At one point I cried and cried because I was a failure at my chosen profession of homemaker. My house was a mess, the laundry was piled up and the children were acting bad and I had no food in the house and supper wasn't cooked. I could not get it all together.

88. I have 4 rocking chairs in my house and don't sit in any of them very much. One was my grandmother's, one was given to me after we moved here, one is for a child and one is also a recliner and it is my husband's.

89. I love china and dishes. I have a weakness when I see it on sale. I have 4 sets of everyday dishes - but only use one. The other 3 are still boxed up. I have 2 sets of "fine" china. One I use and one I just display.

90. I also love crystal and silver. I especially love old silver - like antique that has history and stories...

91. I want to write a book some day. Actually, I have several different books and each one is a different subject.

92. We used to sell Christian toys for Wee Win Toys. I had a dream of having a Christian toy company and manufacturing Bible action toys. I even had a name for the company - Joshua David Toys. I would still like to do that.

93. I do not enjoy working with or teaching children. I love my own children and grandchildren, but I don't like to be in charge of other people's children. That is why I am not a teacher.

94. I can bake delicious cookies, but cannot make a decent cake. I eat cookies, but not cake. Maybe that is why I can't bake cakes.

95. In one parsonage we had roaches in the mattress. I was nursing our son and they roaches would come to find the milk. I had nightmares for years about the roaches crawling all over me like in a horror movie.

96. There was a time when I had 2 children in diapers (cloth - we didn't have disposable ones then) and I did not have a washer and dryer. I would was the clothes in the bathtub. We would take off our shoes and march around to "agitate" the clothes and get them clean. We had lots of fun playing in the water. Then I would hang them out to dry on the clothes line.

97. My oldest son wanted a little brother. When we would buy groceries he would scream at the top of his lungs, "I WANT A BABY BROTHER!" He was 2. I told him that he had to pray and ask God for a brother. He then began praying for a little brother. He also prayed for sisters and got all he prayed for until I started praying against all those children.

98. We played Santa Claus with our children, but told them that Jesus was real, and Santa was play. Every good and perfect gift comes from Jesus.

99. If I were not a pastor's wife, there would be many Sunday's that I would not go to church.

100. I am finally through and I'm so glad because I can't think of another thing about my life that would be interesting that I can put out there for the world to read... hehehe


Elsa said...

All I can see is you marching in the tub washing them funny! I wonder what my children will look back at and laugh at how we do them???? I could never imagine you as being shy....learned something new!! Love ya!

The LaBouffs said... finally finished! but since it was your 102nd, you're 2 shy!! he he he GREAT list, though!

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