Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally, Friday...

We have our Internet working!
We have our cable TV working!
We have our dining room and kitchen walls ready to paint!
We have our living room completely painted and furniture arranged
We have a lawn mower, edger, blower, and other fun law "toys"
We have the water distiller and ice maker in place and operating
We have spent time in the POOL!
We got a good night's sleep and even slept until after 6!!!!
I got to blog again!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are HERE!

Well, we are here in our OWN home! What can I say except... hallelujah and PRAISE THE LORD!
We closed on Tuesday morning. While we were closing our daughter and her husband and two kids were at the house waiting on us. As soon as we got here the men unloaded the truck and the girls began cleaning and unpacking.
We also began to strip wallpaper... lots of stuff going on...
Later our other daughter and her husband brought us pizza for supper and helped us. Also our son and his family came and he put our grill together and the girls unpacked more kitchen stuff...
Our oldest son brought us the stuff we had stored at his house and also a steamer to get the wallpaper off easier.
I just wandered around in a daze trying to figure it all out.

Today, we are having a cookout by the pool! Wanna come? The burgers will be ready about 6!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, we are off to our first service today. Then rush back to our second Church and service. Then, we rush back to the first church.

Yesterday, they had a HUGE rummage sale and Indian Taco sale. Today at lunch they will have another Indian Taco dinner and a goodbye time for us. Next week is Memorial weekend and they always have a special service honoring their loved ones so it won't be a good time to honor us too - hummmmm, that sounds suspicious!

Earlier this week the church in town had a reception honoring us. I wondered if, since a "re"ception is when you are received, if a "de"ception is when you are departing... They said it was an "ex"ception because we are exiting. Kind words.

Later this afternoon hugsum has to go to "town" for a meeting, then when he comes back we will add all the leftover things that we can to the truck.

God is good... this is such an emotional time. ... sad and happy all at once!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday progress...

We are getting there!

By God's divine intervention (and hugsum's persistence) we were able to pick up the truck last night instead of waiting until Monday morning at 9.

We didn't have anyone who could help us to load up on Monday, so we (he) was seeing if it was possible to get the truck on Saturday (today) so that we could get some help. After some figuring, they found one for us and the dealer said to come on and get it then... hallelujah!

We missed going to the graduation, but we did get the truck. The redeeming factor is that we didn't have any graduating from our church - or really any that we knew personally.

We did get to go to the German Club for schnitzel! YUMMMMMMM - so good!

Back to the truck... we drove in with it about 9 pm and I had to direct the backing into the driveway so that the fence and VERY low lines were missed ... no easy task for a hard couple who doesn't communicate well w/ hand signals. We only ran into the fence once (no damage) and only stretched the lines a little... but nothing was hurt....

We then proceeded to load boxes. I must admit that hugsum is a master packer. He plans and organizes and very carefully stacks like boxes together according to weight and "tries" to put the fragile ones on top.

He finally decided to stop about 10:30, but then remembered that the lock was in a box he had had me tape up and bring to him... so he got the flashlight and went back out to the truck. Then, he called and asked me to bring the tape to him because he was having to open boxes to find "the" one. (yes, it was labeled, but it was dark and he couldn't read )

So I dutifully got the tape and walked up the ramp (this is a BIG truck and it is high)... I was looking down because I hate walking up the ramp and always feel like I'm about to fall off... so I was being very careful when BAM! I ran right smack into the door! It was not opened all the way... I knocked my glasses and banged up my head... of course, hugsum laughed and I cried. I am okay and only a small knot and little red, but no huge black and blue thing.

He knew it was not opened all the way and had ducked down to get in and thought I knew it... but it was dark and I couldn't tell.... I'll make sure I look good next time!

This morning, he got up early and by 6 or 6:30 was out in the truck loading again. about 8 someone drove by and asked if he could help. It was my former boss and president of the bank. He got a GREAT workout!l They were able to fill up the truck and it is completely loaded - except for the last minute things we will add Monday morning, like food and clothes, etc.

We will have to get another truck next weekend. We still have two entertainment center things, a sofa, love seat, recliner 2 rockers, 4 bookshelves, buffet table, piano, desk, queen mattresses, some odd chairs and stuff like that. ... If we only had a trailer, we could get it ALL up there at once, but at least now when we come back next weekend we will have a place to sleep and sit...

Well, that's where we are today. We can relax some tonight and tomorrow we have a meeting for the district... Monday, we get to finish and can "load um up and head um out"!

Don't know when I'll have internet connected, so, not sure when I'll be back online.... but know I'll be thinking of you!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday moving progress

We are getting close!

The "state" of my house is what you would call "strewn from top to bottom". Everything is either in an open box that is waiting for things we are still using, or sitting out because we are still using them and can't be put in a box yet.

BUT, everything is out of all the cabinets, drawers and closets (well, a few clothes are still hanging around).

The ironing board is set up / clothes to be ironed piled high :(

Furniture is pulled out from the wall so that I can get behind it to clean baseboards.

The refrigerator is sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. We have had problems with it leaking since we moved here. We know it is in the ice/water part and have tried over and over to fix it. Now, the ice maker and water dispenser is completely shut off.
A "hump" appeared in front of the refrigerator... we figured it is because the water was leaking and the floor was warping. This is NOT a good thing since the floor is new and less than a year old. We thought that since the floor is still flat UNDER the refrigerator that we would roll it over the hump and maybe the heat from the refrigerator, minus the leaking water, would flatten out the floor again .... that is the plan and the hope.

Fortunately for the new pastor and family, they are buying a new refrigerator so they will have ice and water and no hump!

We are counting down the days... Saturday (busy), Sunday (busy) and then Monday we load up and Tuesday we close on the house and unload... We will return here the end of the week for our last Sunday here. I am not looking forward to that day. It is always so hard to leave the people you love and have been a part of their lives.

That's where we are now and then today... continue to straighten, organize, combine... take Andy to the vet, pick up a new/used computer, balance the checkbook, change our address at the post office, go to the German Club and then to high school graduation.

The pressure is ON!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things in no particular order that I need to do and some I can't wait to do...

1. Go swimming and cook on my new grill
2. Pack the few things left in my pantry and clean the shelves
3. Clean the light fixtures and make sure all the lights work
4. Wash the windows in the living room
5. Sweep off the patio
6. Put the grill together
7. Strip the wallpaper and paint my new house
8. Have the family over for hamburgers (cooked on my new grill by my pool...)
9. Write thank you notes
10. Load up the truck and unload and then unpack
11. Change our address at the post office
12. Sweep, mop and vacuum all the floors
13. Scrub the bathrooms ONE more time

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Winning Wednesday..

A few weeks ago a softball team was raffling a gas grill where I work. Everyone who came in had to pass the grill and most everybody bought a ticket.

The day it was put out there, I bought tickets and told everyone... "that is MY grill, you are welcome to put money in the pot and help the team, but it is MY grill!".

I anxiously awaited the drawing. Everyday, we would sell more tickets and everyday, I claimed the grill as MINE.

After all, I am moving to a house with a pool and you HAVE to have a grill by the pool - it is just unAmerican to not have a grill with your pool.

So, the day came to draw the winner. I cut my lunch short to make sure that I was there for the drawing. Hugsum even came by so that he could carry it home.

They drew and you know what???? They MISSPELLED MY NAME!!!! They put some other spelling of my name on the grill as the winner. Someone else's husband even came and picked up the grill.... I kept telling them it was MINE, but no one listened. Even though my name is not close to "Jim Collins"... I tried to figure out how they could have been so wrong!

I sure was disappointed. I sure did want that grill!

Today, they had a "going away" lunch for me. Hugsum and I went to eat and say our goodbyes to everyone. I had to turn in my key. It was an emotional time and one that I was not looking forward to. I do not "goodbye" gracefully... and tears in my eyes - well, lets' just say that I look like ummmmm - worse than you can imagine... not a pretty sight!

They really had a spread - even a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows - oh my goodness I was in heaven.

Then, they said ... we wanted to surprise you, but couldn't figure out how... then they uncovered IT.... yep... THE GRILL!!!!!!!!!

They bought me a grill... now I am a true American! I have a pool with a grill!

It will get lots of use - make sure you come by when you are in the neighborhood and I'll crank it up!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Wow, we had a whirlwind week beginning... On Sunday (which happened to be Mother's Day and Kendall's first birthday). We decided to pack up and go visit our kids. (perfect timing - right?)

After church in a snap decision and realization that we actually NEEDED to do this, we threw stuff in the car and took off with both cars so we could leave one there to make the move easier next week (YESSSSSSS NEXT WEEK!!!!)

We helped celebrate the birthday even though the party was the day before, we still got in on some good kisses ... then all the kids and grandkids came over for a visit and we played games and talked and ate pizza (some of us did) and I got to hold amazing Grace and talk to her and look into her big beautiful eyes.

Monday we got up and got dressed, went by "our" house to look at it from the outside again and then to Walmart and then to eat lunch at Olive Garden (yummmm)... came home and loaded up Andy and our stuff (I had forgotten some very important items like brush, curling iron, moisturizer - thank goodness for daughters!)

then we headed north to Kansas area to see our new appointment and meet with our new members. It will be a sweet place. God is good and is blessing.

Now I'm home and in a frantic time trowing stuff in boxes and cleaning out from under the refrigerator! The week promises much activity... We are blessed, God has been good to us here. It is a bittersweet time - saying "goodbye" is never fun or easy... saying "hello" is always exciting and being with grandchildren is wonderful...

so, until I "steal" a few more minutes on the computer, know I'll be thinking about what to say next and what YOU are saying...

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today, they are celebrating one of our granddaughter's first birthday. We aren't there. It seems to be the "tradition" that we miss the first birthday parties for our grandchildren. How sad... I plan to change that for Grace and Posey and the other ones that come.

To help me not be so sad about missing the birthday party - and the fact that I don't have any children real close helping me pack and clean... a precious young lady from work came over today and SCRUBBED!!!!! What a blessing she was. She brought me a beautiful frame with scripture on it. Cleaned out my vacuum cleaner, cleaned the baseboards in a couple of rooms and also cleaned some cabinets and drawers ... did I mention that it really really blessed me???

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I will not get to see my mother, or my children. I did not send a Mother's Day card to my mother. I feel like a very thoughtless daughter. That is funny because I did not get a card from any of my children, but I don't think of THEM as thoughtless. I know they love me ... They will call me tomorrow and wish me a Happy Mother's day and I will call my mother and do the same.

My last day at my job was Friday. I have this week to wind up everything I need to do here at the house as far as cleaning and packing. I was really beginning to stress about everything I needed to do and did not see how I could possibly get it done and continue to work. I enjoyed my joy and the people that I worked with and most of the customers. But, I must admit that I am glad to not be working. I'll miss it - mostly THEM.

Well, that's my Saturday ramblings... just a short catch-up on my life for now. I'll get back into the bloggy world on a regular basis soon... I'll blog by the pool... I am having a hard time containing my excitement... meaning I CAN'T WAIT!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I still need to do before I move...

1. Finish packing - food, toiletries, computers, clothes, water distiller, ice maker, etc... (everything we are still using)
2. Finish working - last day is the 16th
3. Finish ironing clothes so I can finish packing them
4. Clean out all the closets (wipe shelves and sweep out)
5. Clean out all cabinets (wipe out)
6. Clean floors (sweep, vacuum, mop)
7. Clean tub (SCRUB!), Clean toilets (well, you know...)
8. Clean ceilings, fans, light fixtures
9. Clean mirrors
10. Clean porches (sweep, get dirt dobber nests down) hose down walls and floor)
11. Clean blinds and windows
12. Clean woodwork (baseboards, door facings, doors, window sills)
13. Clean refrigerator (empty containers, clean drawers, top, doors)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday to three special people in my life...

Peggy, my sister-in-love, who is married to BigBroGeo.... We are so thankful that she is part of our family and has been for - is it fifty years yet?... no, they just celebrated their 40th anniversary a year or so ago. Anyway - she is a wonderful friend and so good to us. Such a precious talented, giving, loving, accepting heart... She could easily be a "Martha" of the best kind - Martha Stewart!

Sherry, my wonderful friend who has shared so much of my life with me. Who also has 4 children and their names are all the same as my 4 (except for the two named for their daddy's). We met at church back in the '80's and have remained close ever since even though we have lived thousands of miles apart. She is so good to always remind me that "Jesus is Faithful".

Susan, my precious sister in the Lord whom I have known for only three years. We share so many "likes" and passions. Our husbands seem to face many of the same type things at the same times. She is my prayer partner and such a warrior and exhorter.

May the 5th is a wonderful day to remember these precious people God has placed in my life. I feel blessed beyond measure.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have missed blogging lately. I have missed my blogging buddies. I have missed reading and commenting and also writing and leaving comments.

At work, my computer won't let me sign on, so I don't comment, even though at times I do get to quickly read and catch up on bloggy world.

After I get home - well, blogging is just something I can't quite get to these days.

I have completely packed up everything in the living room! I have packed everything in our bedroom... I still have a few things in the computer room left and some clothes. Hugsum says I need to pack up everything I don't wear and then just pack my suitcase with things I do wear - then live out of the suitcase. (reminds me of last year when I moved out a month early to be in Oklahoma when Kendall was born - I lived out of the suitcase for a month then, and another 3 weeks after we "moved - the house was in such a condition that I couldn't move my things in :()

I appreciate you stopping by... please continue. I'll be back to blogging soon - maybe not soon enough for me, but it will be soon.. Until then, I'll check in when I can.