Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Want To Do This Year...
1. Get all my Christmas decorations put up before Easter! (Please tell me this is possible... or is it okay to decorate for Easter with red and green?)
2. Lose at least 10, maybe 15 pounds... (20 would be wonderful, but I do enjoy eating and don't enjoy working out... let's be realistic)
3. Find a new hairstyle that doesn't take me 30-45 minutes a day to look like I can walk out the door - just in time for the wind to blow it to Canada!) I also would like to not look like a granny even if I am one... something more stylish and fun.
4. Find a house where we can retire - whether we move there or rent it, it will be available when we need it...
5. Love on my grandchildren as often as possible.
6. Finish my degree in Naturopathy
7. Get my clock set so the day and date coincide w/ the day and date I'm living in... in other words, it says it is 5am on January 4th... making it Friday morning instead of Thursday afternoon... I am technically challenged
8. Go to the beach at least one time this year - by "beach", I mean the ocean, waves, sand, sun, tan! Last year was the first year I can remember (at least in my adult life) that I did not go to the beach!
9. Get a tan - tan skin always looks better and healthier and skinner!
10. Balance my checkbook to the penny at least one time...
11. Talk to my parents more often
12. Get rid of tons of things that I have moved around for years and years... like old magazines and favorite plastic bowls and ugly country decorations that were gifts and I love the person who gave them to me, just not the thing!
13. Learn to cook new, healthy meals... that are actually GOOD and tasty - not just good for you.

Okay, so that did not include anything I plan for my spiritual life, but it is ever present and not forgotten. I am always working on that and spending more time in prayer, devotions, praise and worship.

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