Friday, January 25, 2008

About My Father (daddy) Friday

I am blessed with the parents that I have.

My Daddy is a Methodist preacher. He is a member of the South Georgia Conference and has been for over 65 years. He officially "retired" 15 years ago. But, he did not stop being a preacher.

When I was growing up Daddy was the Assistant to the Dean at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. Because of that I had the privilege of knowing lots of the "greats" - Bishops, theologians, missionaries. Daddy would preach revivals all over. If he was close enough to home, we would go with him, but so often he was off far away. (especially in a little girl's mind, even though it may only be 2 hours away). Daddy stayed at Emory for 16 years just hoping that one of his children would go to school there. Sorry Daddy, we disappointed you in that. My sister and brother and my husband did eventually graduate from there, but I never did.

Daddy then pastored again and from there was District Superintendent and then he was the General Secretary of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference of the Methodist Church. After that he was the editor for the Wesleyan Christian Advocate before he retired. After he retired, he began a career in television. So, in the ministry he had 6 different "jobs".

All the while, he was working with the lay people and especially with the United Methodist Men. That is his love and passion.

He wrote his autobiography to support the men. He turned over the rights to his many Bible studies and prayer journals to the men. He created the G. Ross Freeman Foundation to support and encourage the men and their pastors...
You can check it all out here if you'd like to know and read more.

So, you see why I'm blessed?

Besides being known and loved around the world, he was loved and known at home.

He has changed gears now. He has stopped all his world travels and gruelling preaching schedules. Now, he stays home and is doing his most challenging ministry. He is taking care of Mama. She needs his 24 hour attention. He cooks for her, cleans for her, takes loving care of her.

We are blessed.
Thanks, Daddy! We love you!!!!!

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Linda said...

What a glorious testimony to this man of faith. It's one thing to a giant in your professional/ministerial world; it's another to be a "giant" at home and in the hearts of your fmaily. May God richly bless him for selflessly caring for your mom now.