Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A True Southern Tradition and Left Brained Shopping.

I got this from a Facebook friend. It is truly a description of what Southerners do.

It is hilarious! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I was wondering... would I do things differently if I could?
What would I change in my life if I could go back and redo?
I don't have many regrets...
I do have some...
My regrets probably would surprise you...

I regret eating so much sugar and processed food
I regret not exercising
I regret not guarding my tongue
I regret not giving of myself more
I regret not praying more
I regret not reading my Bible more

What would I change? Today, besides the obvious ones of reading my Bible more and praying more and eating less.... you know the same ole same ole... there are some changes I would make.

I would judge less and love more. I would not be as critical of others. I would be more merciful. I would be more generous.

The great news is that I can do something to change all those areas of regret. Relationships can be healed and nurtured by making just a couple of changes.

I'm so thankful that God is a God of restoration of healing of love. God is the Enabler the Changer the Hope for today and tomorrow and all my tomorrows (and yours, too!)

Blessings as you change your regrets into your triumphs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kid Friendly Idea

Okay... so I TOTALLY stole this idea from Frugal Finds From A Frugal Friend .

I got so excited because I could see it being done... remember the recipe for the single serving chocolate cake made in a coffee mug - in the microwave? (It went round and round in emails and blogs.)

This is similar - only it is fudge - single serving - no cooking...

Armpit Fudge
Ingredients for a single serve version:
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 Tbsp butter
2 tsp cream cheese
dash of vanilla
2 tsp cocoa
Place all ingredients in a ziploc bag. Squeeze out all the air. Squish and smoosh (under the arm) the bag until all the ingredients are well mixed with a creamy consistency. Eat.

I would think that it would be a fun thing to do at a spend the night party.... or any kid party or adult party. (I don't really think the adults would appreciate the armpit part, though)

I would also add some chopped nuts just because I'm a real nut fan.

But just think... you can make this in a short time and not even have to mess up anything and there won't be any left over to call your name in the middle of the night!

If only I had had this recipe 36 years ago! When we were first married my sweet hugsum would wake up in the middle of the night, snuggle up close and whisper into my ear, "FUDGE!"

We would get up (yes in the middle of the night) and get dressed, go to the store and get the milk and sugar and whatever else we needed and make fudge.... YES, in the middle of the night! We would eat ourselves silly. We were happy, we were in love.... we were CRAZY!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phones, Technology and Internet...

My new toy...

So, we have graduated and I am addicted!

We had some good phones before. I loved my little flip phone. I could talk as much as I wanted to anyone I wanted anywhere I wanted, any time I wanted.

Then, we decided to get a house phone so we can have a fax machine (which we haven't gotten yet). With our house phone we have unlimited talking to anyone, anywhere, any time. The problem is - you have to be AT the house to use it.

Our old phone contract was up. We needed to make a change. So... because we go to our Weekend Parsonage where we have no internet, we decided to go with a smart phone so we could remain connected with the world.

BUT... we had to cut waaaayyyy back on our talk minutes. Which is okay since we have unlimited internet.

I have turned into a phone junkie... I mean, I hear it "ding" and have to grab it to see who has responded to me.

It has made my addiction to Facebook worse! Yeah, I really hate to admit it. I have been hooked on Facebook for awhile. I love that I can be connected to people all over - instantly.

For example. The other night our son called to say that they were on the way to the hospital early to have the baby since his wife was in labor (for a C-section, not good). I picked up my phone and immediately put a status on Facebook requesting prayer for a safe delivery "NOW"!

Almost immediately I received 11 confirmations that my friends from all across the US were praying. I can't tell you what a comfort that was!

Right before Dax was born, my son sent me a text saying "5 mins away". That let me know things were going well and how much longer.

Then after precious little Dax was born again I posted about it and again I received many many comments of congratulations celebrating this new life in our family. I felt connected! I felt cared for, I felt loved.... immediately! (yes, I know I keep using that word - it must be an important issue for me!)

We were able to take pictures and send them out around the world so distant people could "be" there with us and "see" what was going on.

With Facebook I have reconnected with so many friends and relatives. I have renewed relationships with long lost friends and it has been fun. I have also deepened some new friendships.... some friends I made through blogging. That has been fun! Because on a daily basis I can get blurbs from their ongoing life and can carry on a conversation!

I love my blog and my blogging friends. I have missed doing this daily. I just got addicted to immediate gratification from facebook.

I have decided that all this technology at our fingertips can also prevent us from living life and experiencing it for ourselves.... instead of trying to share everything with the world and see life through the lens of a camera for public viewing.

There is a time and place and need for that. There is also a need for personal, inner reflection and strengthening.

So, I'm going to do something very nontechnical and open a book... printed on real paper... I'm going to use a pen and actually try to remember how to write again.

talk later....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today I am celebrating my 36th anniversary! Wow... I am so amazed!!!! You know, I never considered BEING 36 and now I've been married that long. I'm thankful. I'm blessed. I'm loved and I am "in" love.

Yesterday we were eating lunch at Pepper's Grill. It is a new place for us. We decided to venture out to a place we hadn't tried. It was great!

We were sitting there enjoying our delicious salads and nice quite conversation. A lady was sitting alone at a table next to us. There were 4 menus and silverware/napkin packs on the table so I knew she was waiting for others to join her.

Eventually a younger man (late 30's)and then 2 younger women (mid - late 20's) joined her. The man was loud and brash and asked what beers were on special and when the happy hour started. He talked loud and was very opinionated. Evidently one of the girls was considering marriage because he began a monologue on marriage.

Now, he did not have on a wedding ring and obviously was not married - yet he was "waxing eloquent" about his philosophy of marriage and the pitfalls of finding a man at their age who was not already divorced with children.

As we were about to leave he began to say..."you know, marriage is like a business. It is a partnership..."

I couldn't help myself. I had heard much too much. I stopped by the table (yes, I hate to admit that I turned into one of "those"). I touched the young lady on the arm and said, "excuse me, but he is wrong."

He was stunned, but quiet! She looked at me and smiled and said, "he IS!"

I smiled and said, "yes, marriage is about commitment, relationship and love. It is for life! I know, we are celebrating 36 years and counting..."

Then I walked away holding my husband's hand - the one I have held for 36 years now. Thankful for our commitment of love for life. Businesses come and go but love never fails!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's How You See...

This was our long weekend at the church. On Friday night after our dinner I was visiting with my precious little 90 year old friend. (she's the one who made me the 12 foot long afghan for Christmas) She was so excited because she had had cataract surgery on her left eye that day and could see to crochet without her glasses. This week she is to have it done on her right eye.

We sat and talked and shared and crocheted, just enjoying each other's company. She was amazed at all she was seeing and how well. She hadn't been home after the surgery, but had been out shopping and visiting with friends and then come straight to the church.

Sunday morning when I got to church I went to greet and hug her. She wouldn't look at me and kept turning away. I asked how she was. She was so upset. She said she didn't want me to see her face. The doctor had messed it up when he did the surgery and that side was full of wrinkles! She said the other side wasn't like that (she still can't see out of the other eye) and she was truly distraught!

She didn't think she would have the other eye done because she didn't want him to wrinkle up the other side, too.

I tried to be sensitive and not laugh. She had just not been able to see for so long, she didn't know she had all those wrinkles! I told her she was beautiful and it looked just fine.

The truth is, the doctor did not change her face, just her vision!

There is lots to be learned here...

When we expose ourselves to the Light of God's Word, we will see things differently. Now we see through a glass darkly - almost like we have spiritual cataracts... but when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes we see how dirty and wrinkled and messed up we truly are. The good news is that He can clean us up and fix us!


I pray that I'm not blinded by dim vision at the truth of who I am. I want to glow in the truth and knowledge of who He is and what He wants me to be. I know I have blind spots... I want them cleaned up because even though I can't see them, other people can. Like my friend's wrinkles. She was embarrassed when she saw them, even though the world has seen them for many MANY years.

I realized that just because I don't see or know something it doesn't mean that it isn't there. It just means I haven't seen it. When I do see it, then I need to fix it - or allow it to be fixed. I also realize that just because I see something in or on others it doesn't mean that they see it. They may be blinded to it. I need to pray for them instead of judging or criticizing them. If I expose it, I can't fix it. I don't have that power!

So glad that Jesus is the fixer! He is kind and loving and thorough! Washes us white as snow and removes spots and wrinkles!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guilt and Other Unnecessary Emotions

Have you every wondered why sometimes you feel so guilty and it isn't even your fault? Well, I guess I should personalize it, but then someone would think that I'm speaking personally - and I'm not.

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend about her son. He was making and had made some bad decisions. She was feeling guilty. Like she was to blame and it was all her fault and "if only" she had been a better mom, or taught them more, better or earlier or if she had not done yadda yadda ...

You get the picture. The truth is, she was a good mama. She gave her love and attention and training to her children. She was not perfect - none of us are. We all make mistakes and have regrets. But... God can cover those mistakes if we trust Him and ask Him.

I felt so badly for her. I tried to tell her that while they were under her roof and she was paying the bills, then she was responsible for them and their actions - AND she had a say so in what they did or didn't do. Once they left her home, they were then responsible for their own actions. They had to pay the piper themselves. It was no longer up to her.

Sometimes as parents, we may not approve of or appreciate or like what our children do or don't do. We can voice our feelings (and we should do so in love and respect). But, we have to understand that it is no longer up to us.

They will suffer the consequences themselves. We would LOVE to prevent and stop their hurting. But, I realized that I grew up when I faced the music for my decisions. We grow in the hard times. We need to allow the children to grow and develop strength and character.

It is important to keep the lines of communication open so that when they need us, we are there to love.

I told her that it is a hard lesson to learn as a parent. It is painful. But, it is also very freeing when we realize that we don't have to feel guilty for our children and what they do or don't do. It is important not to let their behavior determine our behavior.... or think it is a reflection on who we are or have been as parents.

I hope she heard me. I hope she applies it. She was feeling unnecessarily guilty. It is normal to feel that, but we are above "normal". Besides, it harms the relationships. It keeps us in bondage and them too. (if she didn't, then I can't feel guilty or bad - I can just love her anyway!)

(Because we don't feel guilt does not mean that we do not hurt for them - we just remove ourselves from the responsibility.)

... the other emotions it evokes? pride, anger, hurt, unforgiveness, frustration, confusion, pain, strife.... just to name a few.

Those are not worthy of entering into a family relationship of love, respect and honor!

I want to reiterate that this is not about me and my family lest someone takes it that way and I feel guilty...

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Month has gone by and DAX!

It is hard to believe that it has been a month since I posted anything on my blog! What used to be a daily ritual has now become almost non-existent! I rarely even open it, post, comment or read! How sad is that? I do plan to be back regularly, though.

My computer has been acting strange and it throws me off line constantly - or I have no connection. That makes it very frustrating and character building! That explains part of why I have been blog-absent. The other part is life... just dealing with things and people and moods and well, just living.

BUT, I have had a great and fun month with grandchildren. The MOST precious, sweet, loving and wonderful people on this earth. They bring me so much pleasure and joy!

Speaking of... we have had answered prayer and a blessing. My wonderful daughter-in-law has been carrying our 6th grandchild. She is tiny, so this has been a hard process for her. She was all baby and it was questioned quite frequently whether she would make it to the scheduled C-section date of July 17 ... which was 2 weeks before her due date.

Everyday I would watch her and question her. She believed that she would make it and we were right there with her.

She ALMOST did! Yesterday, July 16, 2009 at 8:31 pm our precious little Dax Edward Posey made his loud appearance! Before he was all the way out he was screaming! Weighing in at a HUGE (for his mama) 5 pounds and 8 ounces and 18 inches long! Perfect and whole in every way!

Here are a few pictures! We had cameras and phones flashing all around...

This was my first good look at him...

Here he is after they gave him a good bath and washed his hair. I guess he is already all boy since he didn't like that at all! You can tell by the look on his face!

Here is his proud daddy holding him - can you see the big smile? Yeah, we are all very happy!

Thanks for your prayers for our family!

Now, we have #7 due in January.... God is blessing!