Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Catch-Up

Obviously, I haven't blogged much this summer. I guess it's time to catch up.

We have had a fun summer. Spent time in the pool and traveling and playing with some of our grandkids.

We visited family in southern Florida and also in north Georgia. Then we went to Wisconsin and visited more family.

Lots of different things have happened. I planted a garden and harvested a handful of fruits and veggies. Not sure what happened to my bumper crop. I guess that the extreme heat and lack of rain and interest contributed greatly to the crop I did not have.

We did a good bit of work in the yard in the spring, but our yard is in horrible condition now. The grass is DEAD! Even watering it didn't bring it back to life. I killed 2 lavender plants and a clematis along with many MANY geranium. When I took my lavender plants back to Lowes the guy told me he was going to report me for murder! (LOL)

Last night I went to Walmart. I meandered out to the garden center just to see what clearance plants they had. I figured I could get some half/dead plants to replace the dead ones I have and my yard would look twice as good. Theirs didn't look much better than mine. As I was walking out I heard the girl who was working out there. She had her iPod in her ears and was singing at the top of her lungs - something in Spanish.... she was actually pretty good but would have been really embarrassed if she had known that I was still out there. It made me feel good and happy because I knew she was really enjoying herself and doing what she loved. (and getting paid for it!)

So, nursing school started today. I am playing with grandkids. I had one all summer (except for the trips - and I offered to take him with us then). We have done lots of reading already. Gearing up for the new schedules all around.

Life is good. It is getting better and better. Healing is happening!