Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things About Me That You Might Not Need To Know....

This is Kate... the picture is over a year old... but, she looks just like this still, not much bigger! She is three now. I have been keeping her and she keeps me on my toes. Here are a few of the things she says to me... they keep me humble.

As we were working in the yard one day she wanted to use my "shover" to dig some.

When I don't get the movie going she tells me, "Grandmamamama, THAT'S not right!"

Oh... all the extra mamamamama's are for me. Her Grandma lives in Michigan and so sometimes just to make sure she's talking to the right one she adds a few more ma's.

One day we were going over the parts of the body... this is your nose, knee, foot, etc. I would show her on her and then on me. So, I showed her the calf. She looked at her tiny leg and then my big leg and just said, "you have more calf than me".

We love to go to Chick-a-lay... not Chick-fil-a... (Noah calls it Chick-for-play)

Yesterday we were "swimming" (meaning jumping and standing on the steps while holding tightly to me). She got cold so I scooped her up and wrapped her in a towel to warm her up. She was looking at my neck and got this horrified look on her face. Through clinched teeth she said, "Grandmamamama, what is that on your neck?" I laughed and said, "oh, it's just a mole. Does your daddy have moles too?"
She said, "yes, but only YOURS stick out like that."

Another day we were sitting on the sofa watching a movie. She looked over at me and smiled real big so I smiled back. She said, "Grandmama, you have orange teeth". Then went right back to the movie.

She will also run through the room and say, "Grandmama, I love you so much! So VERY much!" Yeah, that will certainly melt me.

Today Grandaddy was working in the back yard and took his shirt off. Kate said, "GRANDADDY, you have BIG muscles on your back, around your waist!" She was sincerely giving him a complement! Gotta love it!

She is always giving us facts and information that makes us laugh. At the ripe old age of three, she is an expert on everything!

More later....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

House Saga - still no pictures...

So, the siding is up. The paint is touched up. The windows are in and clean. The pool is clean. I have chosen the shrubs to go in front of the house. The shutters are here.

I don't even remember when we started this LONG process. But, I think it has been going on for years - okay... maybe not.

I do know that we have lived in the house exactly one year today. Since the day we bought it we have been thinking and planning and dreaming of what we could do to make the outside look better.... curb appeal. Our funds were limited as to what we could spend.

So, hugsum took much time and did a LOT of research and found the best value in windows (so we can get our $1500 tax credit). And then we drove around and around and AROUND looking at houses and colors and styles and finally came up with a plan.

He researched the best siding and insulation and even how to install it. We chose the company and the color we wanted.

THEN we found a painter and had the house painted.
Then the windows went in and we waited.
And we waited and we waited some more.

The siding came in and we waited. The sun finally came out and our people had a funeral to attend.... so we waited another week. The sun came out... they got here at 10:00 am and left about 2:00.

So goes the saga... finally this week we had sun, no funerals and workers... can I hear a sigh of relief and a hallelujah!

Yesterday they finished getting the siding up and cleaned up. It looks good.

They were to come back today to paint the front door and shutters and do the touch-up stuff and hang the shutters.

They got here at 3:30 with their kids to go swimming....
The shutters are painted, the door is painted....

BUT he forgot to bring the drill to hang them on the brick... plus they were still wet.

They left - MIGHT be back next Monday to do that -

So, no pictures until the house is finished.

Yeah, I'm more than a little frustrated.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ahhh Sunshine and Warmth! ... and Surprise!

Today we came home from the Land of Oz to a great treat. Some of the kids and grandkids were here swimming! Oh that was so nice!

It was finally warm enough and the sun shining and there were no workers around so we could enjoy the pool and sunshine. It renewed my excitement about being out here. It has been a long cold, wet time since we were able to enjoy the pool.

They say that we have broken records for rain. The last record was 13 days in a row with rain. We went 20 rainy days in a row! Yeah... it was getting to me and I was wondering where the Ark was because I wanted to make sure I was on it!

PLUS... yesterday our youngest daughter called and we were talking rather nonchalantly when I asked (for some strange reason), "so, how's the family?"

Her answer was, "it's GROWING!"...

YEP.. grandbaby # 7 coming the end of the year!!!!

I got off the phone and rushed to Walmart to get some yarn to make a white baby blanket to give her today. I had a blue one and a pink one... but had to have a white one. I finished it and presented it to her this afternoon when she was here. Yeah... God is good!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Miss

This morning I was keeping the kids.... I walked out of the room for 2 seconds and came back in and this is what I saw peeking over the chair.

Then I looked down and realized that she was on her knees!

She had pulled herself up onto her knees!
She has just really started to maneuver around to get where she wants. I had left her sitting up a few feet away from the chair.

THEN, I left the room again to take someone "potty". I made sure I put Posey in a "good spot" where I didn't think she could make it to something.... This is how I found her when I came back about 2 minutes later....

She had pulled the bar stool over on her and was laughing and playing like she had just done the greatest trick!

We are really going to have to keep an eye on that little girl! She is mobile!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christmas Present in May

I'm sitting in my room. It has been rainy all day. The people have been here putting up the siding. This is a good thing. But, the rain and thunder came so the work stopped outside.

One good thing is that I finally got my hot water dispenser connected to electricity! Wooo Hoooo! For Christmas my sweet hugsum gave it to me. I have wanted one for years. Many years ago we put one in my parents' home. They have loved it and really enjoyed using it since they drink instant coffee. I said then that when I got my OWN home, that I would put one in there. And now I have one.

Since it was raining and no more siding could go up, Mr Siding man (a jack of all trades) came in and ran the power to it. I immediately fixed myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, it was wonderful!

Now, why am I sitting in my room? Funny you should ask. It all started a bunch of weeks ago. The windows were being installed and Kate and I hid out back here and watched regular TV. So, every now and then she asks to come to my bedroom to watch TV. I try to explain to her that we can watch cartoons/Disney/children's Christian tv... those sorts of things instead of movies. She likes to sit on the bed and watch.

So, this afternoon we have a movie going in the family room and we are in my bedroom watching Brother Bear on "regular" TV.

That is my life today. Good and blessed. I have so much to share and will post pictures soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Precious Witness

This is a wonderful testimony by the mother of my good friend. Both these are mighty women of God. I have so many stories to tell about Diana, but I won't. I'll let her 99 year old mother tell the story!