Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is it?

From the last post, you realize that I have lots of things that are, shall we say, useless and unnecessary - to put it mildly

So, I found THIS ....
Here is the side view

Here is the top

This is the top removed
This is the inside of the top
This is the inside of the bottom

This is the bottom of the bottom

This is a hand made pottery thing... I have no idea what it is or what to do with it.
Any ideas???
Sell at garage sale, ebay, craigs list, trash it????

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Past Craft

At one time this was a bottle of Aunt Jemimah syrup...
This was a gift from my mama in 1988. That was 20 years ago. She bought it at the Minister's Wives Retreat for the South Georgia Conference at Epworth By The Sea. It was painted by Sunshine Bird.
For many years we used this as a doorstop. It is filled with sand from Georgia. Lots of memories, lots of history...
My question is - WHAT DO I DO WITH IT NOW? It does not go with anything I have. I don't need a door stop and I don't have anywhere to display it.
I'm sure that it would not mean much to anyone else but our family since it has no history with them and it's one time beauty and usefulness has faded.
What do you do with treasures like these in your lives? I seriously need wisdom and advice! I have a garage FULL of such things! I would LOVE to be able to park my car in my garage (and so would hugsum!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Grandbaby!

Well, sort of....
While I was with my son today he got a call from a good friend back in Georgia. This particular friend is like a son to me. He and my son were best friends in high school and went to college together.
They have many many experiences together. He was valedictorian, son was Salutatorian. They went to the Olympics together when they were in Atlanta. They both work with youth.
They were in each other's wedding. His mother and I were very good friends. We shared so much!
Now, he is having a little girl December 23. Congratulations Jason and Wendy! We are thrilled!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Findings

This afternoon I have been trying to go through some of the last remaining boxes from the garage. I had hugsum bring a couple in.

I had been not wanting to deal with them because of how they were labeled. I just can't figure out where to put the things that are in them.

I knew they were full of silver trays... silver bowls, silver things like butter dishes and pitchers and tea sets.... serving dishes... I have been blessed through the years with being given silver. Not sure why - I guess it is what you give to the Pastor and his wife when you don't know what else to give them... they may be starving and needing money desperately ... but someone says, "let's give them a SILVER TRAY!"

I don't mean to be ungrateful. It is just that at the time and even now, I find them totally useless and don't know what to do with them.

They are very pretty and very nice and have lots of sentimental value. I really do love silver. Especially some that I received from my mama.

And one rummage sale someone gave lots of silver to be sold. Two of the precious ladies spend days polishing it and presented it to me as a gift. Those are all very special to me.

Well, a long story... but when I opened the box, THIS is what I saw! No silver, only fabric... Years ago I had done some sewing for a good friend. These are some of the pieces from that and also some fabric from my sister. I dug a little deeper and uncovered lots of tablecloths that have lots of handwork on them. No telling how old they are. But wrapped inside were some of my mama's silver trays.

I have not looked in these boxes for over 3 years - I just knew it was "only silver". Imagine my surprise at what I found.

I still don't know what to do with it. But, at least I know where it is and lots of other things I have wondered what happened to. I can't imagine WHAT I was thinking when I packed that box. I suppose I was trying to trick someone - guess I was the one tricked.

Now, speaking of digging up things from the past....
Hugsum decided to set up our stereo... it is "only" 33 years old! Someone gave us a record (yes a REAL OLD record) and he wanted to listen to it. He had to go and get some speaker wires to set up the system. I know that we have miles of it someplace in a box somewhere in our house.

THIS is where he decided to set it up - RIGHT as you come in the front door... yeah, the first thing you see.... As he says, "but, Honey, no one else has one like it... it is PRICELESS"...

He certainly is right - no one has one because no one WANTS one! Look at all the parts... look at how huge the speakers are... do I dare pray it doesn't work?
I guess I should pray that we find a suitable place for this wonderful blast from the past.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here is Andy....

He is our constant companion and loves to go. Here he is modeling our new comforter.

When we start loading the car to come up here for the weekend we have to be very careful. He will escape and try to "load up" earlier than he needs to.

He is a Yorkie with a puppy cut. The deal was, we would never have a "frufru dog" so I agreed to keeping him short. In Georgia, we called it the "Florida cut" because it was so hot and we loved to go to the beach. The sand didn't get caught in it so badly.

He loves to ride, loves to be where ever we are and will eat anything. One of his favorite treats is cantaloupe. I put some in my breakfast bowl every day just for him and he follows me around expecting me to "accidentally" drop some on the floor.

He has taken a back seat to the grandkids. He gets a little "testy" with them when they get rough. He snaps, but doesn't really bite them - more puts his mouth over their hand without biting down. He's great for licking the sticky off their faces and "vacuuming" up whatever they drop.

He does not like to take a bath and hides when we say "Andy, you need a BATH". He is so funny. He has sort of enjoyed the pool. Especially when it was so hot and we didn't have any a/c. Here he is taking a ride on the boat..


Some pictures of my backyard that I took this morning before we left ...

This is a Rose of Sharon. I have two. This one is in the back left corner and in the other back corner is a white one. I love these two trees (or are they bushes?). They bloom and bloom and bloom. I have read about Rose of Sharon, but don't think I've ever seen one before.

Here is the white one next to two crepe myrtle bushes. They also are some of my most favorite plants. They have such nice bright flowers and they bloom for a long time also.

These were brought to me this afternoon. Hugsum was out visiting in the little town where one of our churches is. There were some little girls with a fruit stand and he bought me 2 peaches and a tomato. They were a quarter each.

Last summer I was amazed that southern Oklahoma had an abundance of peaches. It made me feel right at home. Now, I'm finding that northern Oklahoma also grows peaches. I'll fix these two for breakfast in the morning. They smell wonderful!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fun Pictures from the Summer

Riding on the horseFireplace s just the right height for Kate
Precious baby Grace

Getting in just the right position to sunbathe Now if the sun will get to me under the porch I'll get the perfect tan!
Kendall is "rocking" Noah to sleep ...
Let's see what we can find...
Ride 'um cowboy!

Kendall with her "night night" Notice the technique of holding it with her middle finger and the angle of the hand and thumb..Noah, cheesing it up
Bathing beauty cheesing
Noah taking a nap with his favorite night night
Kendall walking in grandmama's shoes
Have you ever had chocolate animal crackers???? boy are they good - see?

Ring around the rosey, basket full of Kendall
I don't know WHO that old woman is with those cute kids - looks like she got out of the pool and forgot to fix her hair!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things We Are Selling next weekend...

Today Beka came over and we began to price some things for our garage sale next weekend.

1. Curtain rods and blinds
2. Ice Trays

3. Very nice Fireplace set with Jade handles and base - it came with the house, but since we have gas logs, we don't need to "poke the fire"

4. Candle Lights from Beka's wedding

5. Dreamsicles - emotional ties and hard to sell

6. Sheets, pillowcase and blankets, curtains (to go with all the curtain rods)

7. Mantle Clock

8. TV and computer stuff

9. Octagonal End Table

10. Pictures

11. Lots of nicnacs and kitchen things

12. Shell Floor Lamp (this one is hard to let go... LOTS of beach memories!)

13. Silk flowers - (some real "beauties" and some REAL beauties) okay, so LOTS of silk flowers - bunches that you can't even see ...