Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday son #1!

Here he is getting his first diaper change at home... 33 years ago

Here he is with being loved by his daddy... (both have changed and gained weight - but the love is still there)

You will have to look very carefully because the quality of pictures is not very good. Sorry.

He was a very good baby - and oh, so cute and precious (as were all four of our childern - he just happened to be the first and set the standard). We have been extremely blessed by our children. They have all far exceeded our hopes and dreams in character and quality.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can you believe this was 33 years ago?

Yep.... this was taken the day before son #1 was born! (sorry for the quality of the picture. It would not come out of the album - and it IS 33 years old!)

What a blessing his is and has been. We are proud of the man he has become. We love him so much!
He is expecting his first child in March. It will be a little girl. We can already tell she's a beauty and she looks like her daddy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tickle Me Tuesday

Okay.... we need to laugh more.
The joy of the Lord is our strength
A merrie heart does good like a medicine...

Got any good jokes???

Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union

Did you watch the State of the Union address by our President tonight?
How do you see the state of our country? Are you full of fear or faith for our future?
Do you care who our next President is? Are you registered to vote?
We MUST come together and pray for our nation and the election.
Our President did a good job of painting a good positive picture.
Let's see how the news tears it apart...
Which brings another question. How much stock to you put in the news/media to report a true and accurate picture? Who is your news team of choice?
Have you come up w/ a candidate for President that you can support? Mine dropped out already. I'm sad... We have no clear strong voice... again we MUST pray!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Six Quirky Things

I have been tagged by Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee to do this meme. I really have no idea what a meme is or how it is pronounced, but I will follow the rules.

The rules for this meme are: (1) Link to the person that tagged you. (2) Post the rules on your blog. (3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

So, these are very random quirks I suppose -

1. I love ice and I have this thing for having enough ice at all times, even in the winter. It is like maybe I have this fear of not having ice for my drinks. I have been known to have an ice maker in the freezer and also keep 10 ice trays full and going at all times. One of the cardinal sins is to empty the ice tray and NOT refill it. I love ice so much that my dream kitchen will have a built in ice maker - the kind that makes the little Sonic ice. My sweet husband knows of my love for ice and gave me a counter top ice maker that I can fill with distilled water and have distilled ice for my distilled water! Wasn't that so extra special sweet and thoughtful of him?

2. I sleep with a light on. I am not afraid of the dark, I am afraid of getting up and tripping over something and falling and knocking something down and making a huge racket and waking up everyone in the house - who just happens to be only my husband at this stage of life, but I still don't want to wake him. I usually leave the closet light on with the door cracked some, or a lamp in another room so that I can have light. I don't like lots that shines in my closed eyes and makes them want to open. I only want a little, but more than a night light.

3. Even though you may not be able to tell it from my writing, I do not like (hate - would actually be a better word) bad grammar. It bothers me to no end to hear someone use bad grammar. I especially get upset with mismatching subject and verb. I have been known to have a fit and rant and rave with my children and accuse them of cussing and sinning when they used bad English. They KNEW better and it is a sin to do something if you know better! (that was my reasoning anyway). When my oldest son started kindergarten in a southern state he talked with perfect English with proper pronunciation. He came home from school the first day and I was horrified! He was saying... "we'uns", "you'uns", "us'uns", and "they'uns".... I told him he had better not EVER use those words around me again or he would get a spanking!

4. I have a hard time knowing what to do with greeting cards. Hallmark would hate me. I get so frustrated and stressed out because I can not find a card that says what I want it to say - and so I don't usually buy one. Then when someone sends me one, I don't know what to do with it. I feel guilty if I throw it away. I don't want to keep it because it adds to my huge stack of clutter. I don't know if I am supposed to write them back to thank them, or go and buy one to send to them (again stress and frustration), or if a call is expected or if email is acceptable. It is nice to get them, don't get me wrong... I just don't know WHAT to do with it after I read it.

5. I carry my own pillow on trips. I have even been known to take out extra clothes so that I could pack my pillow! I prefer car trips so that I can have it handy in case I want to take a quick nap... which I do often in the car. There is something about getting into the passenger seat that puts me to sleep - much to the dismay of my husband who loves a good conversation and company on trips. My parents joke about the trip we took when I was about 13. We drove from Georgia to Minnesota, to San Diego and then back to Georgia. They said I slept the entire way. The only time I woke up was when we stopped to sight see or eat.
Back to the pillow. I love my pillow. It is a nice down/feather pillow my husband gave me years ago and is so comfortable. But, the main reason I take my pillow to places like hotels is that I don't know who or what or whatever has been on that pillow. I just prefer to know it is my pillow and has had my dog asleep on it in my lap for the trip... that's okay because I KNOW where it has been.

6. I am a collector of "things" - nicnacs. I have boxes and boxes in storage of these things that I have collected through the years. Having lived in a parsonage that is furnished the only thing that makes it MY home are all the little nicnac things... that you have to dust and put out. They are a reflection of my life and my love and my friends and family. Some are really really nice and some are really REALLY ugly and they are in boxes. I don't want to get rid of them because they have special sentimental value. Because we move often, and have had different decors and colors, I am able to use different things. I rotate them in and out of boxes depending on what color or style I need. I see in the future that will stop because I now have my own furniture that will move with me wherever I go. So what is in the boxes now, will probably be disposed of eventually. I know my family thanks me. My husband thanks me because he is the one who has to move all those boxes!

Yea! Now I get to tag random people... hehehe

1. Rebekah at The LaBouffs
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5. Maggy at Magnanimity
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Slothful Saturday

Okay, I guess I'm telling on myself...

I slept late and then went BACK to bed!!!!! I can't even remember when I did something like that! I did get up finally at 11:30 and am finally dressed and even have makeup on.

It felt good, but at the same time I'm feeling guilty. I have so much to do. Things have gotten behind and I had some big plans to get everything caught up... I guess I just got caught up on my sleep.

But I feel wonderful now and I'm ready to go. Have laundry going and I'm blogging.... that IS the most important thing to do when you are behind isn't it???

So, have you fallen into slothfulness? I hate the scripture in Proverbs that says, "a little sleep, a little slumber, and poverty comes ..." It brings so much guilt and condemnation to me. Because just as I begin to drift off to sleep, that comes floating in on a haunting thought plane that I can't get rid of.

I promise to be more diligent and get my list done... like I said, I'm on a roll now w/ the laundry going and the dishes clean, and I even have supper in the crock pot.... impressed??? You should be!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just had to share the fun...

Okay, so I got this add from Mandy - Just a Girl. It is lots of fun to watch. I watched it 4 times before I knew it and had to make myself click to something else!

Thanks Mandy, for sharing this really cool web add with us.

You can click here to watch it. You don't have to do anything, just watch and it will take over. She says it's Dutch - but it won't make any difference unless you want to buy some of the products.... which you probably won't.

About My Father (daddy) Friday

I am blessed with the parents that I have.

My Daddy is a Methodist preacher. He is a member of the South Georgia Conference and has been for over 65 years. He officially "retired" 15 years ago. But, he did not stop being a preacher.

When I was growing up Daddy was the Assistant to the Dean at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. Because of that I had the privilege of knowing lots of the "greats" - Bishops, theologians, missionaries. Daddy would preach revivals all over. If he was close enough to home, we would go with him, but so often he was off far away. (especially in a little girl's mind, even though it may only be 2 hours away). Daddy stayed at Emory for 16 years just hoping that one of his children would go to school there. Sorry Daddy, we disappointed you in that. My sister and brother and my husband did eventually graduate from there, but I never did.

Daddy then pastored again and from there was District Superintendent and then he was the General Secretary of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference of the Methodist Church. After that he was the editor for the Wesleyan Christian Advocate before he retired. After he retired, he began a career in television. So, in the ministry he had 6 different "jobs".

All the while, he was working with the lay people and especially with the United Methodist Men. That is his love and passion.

He wrote his autobiography to support the men. He turned over the rights to his many Bible studies and prayer journals to the men. He created the G. Ross Freeman Foundation to support and encourage the men and their pastors...
You can check it all out here if you'd like to know and read more.

So, you see why I'm blessed?

Besides being known and loved around the world, he was loved and known at home.

He has changed gears now. He has stopped all his world travels and gruelling preaching schedules. Now, he stays home and is doing his most challenging ministry. He is taking care of Mama. She needs his 24 hour attention. He cooks for her, cleans for her, takes loving care of her.

We are blessed.
Thanks, Daddy! We love you!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things To Do Where I Live....
1. Go to Church (there are 9 in town that I know of right off the top of my head in a town with a population of 1,500!)
2. Shop at Dollar General
3. Do the "loop" - this is key if you are a driving teen
4. Go to the Wild Life Reserve and watch the wild life (buffalo, prairie dogs, longhorn cattle, etc.)
5. Climb a mountain
6. Stand in the wind - any time, ALL the time - day, night, winter, summer!
7. Go to a High School game - football, basketball, softball, baseball (always a game)
8. Listen for the train to come through
9. Walk (lots of groups walking and getting exercise)
10. Eat at Mel's Diner (the ONLY place)
11. Stand in the plains and see forever ... did I mention the wind that blows across the plains?
12. Celebrate Ground Hog day with a special Dinner
13. Go to high school band concerts

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What are YOU doing Wednesday...

Are you pressing toward or settling?

I had an awakening this week. I realized that I was spending hours and hours settling. That probably doesn't make much sense unless you really know all the details.

But, trust me, I have been settling. I have been looking for something and as different options presented themselves, I would think, "that COULD work"... but in my heart, I was disappointed. It was nothing like I really wanted.

Over and over again I felt myself giving up and not pressing toward my dream, but just settling... accepting mediocre, okay, average.

Well, I guess you could say that I had an epiphany - an awakening, a revelation, an awareness.

I realized that I did not have to give up my dreams and hopes, but I would have to be patient and diligent and press toward them.

So, my question to you is... have you given up on a dream because it seemed too unreachable or too hard to obtain?

You know, in Proverbs it says that "hope deferred makes the heart sick". You know the feeling - sick in the pit of your stomach - disappointed - sad - almost like you lost something you never had.
I pray that you will see the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams come to pass. Let's press toward together... we are born for greatness and honor - as long as we keep it in perspective and allow Jesus to be our Head and Who we want to serve and honor first.

Fun Week Beginning!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Satisfying Saturday

Today I slept late.
I have gotten lots done that I have been putting off doing. It feels good.
I even have my dish ready to take to our church fellowship dinner tomorrow.
I have even packed my overnight bag to take to visit the children.
Monday is a holiday and so we can go visit the grandchildren.

I've had some wonderful time of praise and worship and just soaking.
It feels good. I feel good.
I'm so excited about the future and what God is doing.

I have hope. I have a future. It is good.

How about you? Where are you today? Are you heading in the direction you want? I KNOW you aren't where you want to be. That won't ever happen... at least I hope it won't - because if it does, then your goals are too low... but it is a good thing to head there, be in the journey - the process... moving and growing ...

Have a great weekend and week beginning and holiday... do you have big plans????

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In My Parents Yard

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things God is Doing In My Life Right Now...
1. Waking me up early
2. Showing me His love
3. Showing me His faithfulness
4. Reminding me of things He has done in the past
5. Drawing me away to spend more time with Him
6. Taking away my craving for all things sugar!
7. Calling me into a more disciplined life - eat less, exercise more, sleep when I'm supposed to and not when I'm not
8. Giving me grace and mercy (toward me)
9. Causing me to have grace and mercy toward others
10. Requiring me to do something that I'm really NOT wanting to do (as in digging my heels and nails in trying to stop it)
11. Teaching me more about walking in faith and trust
12. Filling my life with love and good things
13. Enabling me to walk and do what He is requiring me at this time in my life... therefore filling me with expectation and excitement for the present and future.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yet three MORE things...

I was informed that since the last post was really my 102nd that I was shy 2 things and since this is the 103rd, I guess I have to give you 3 more things... I'm sure it is more than you can stand! I feel the excitement mounting and overwhelming as you wait with baited breath. I would like to encourage you to BREATHE... it is okay. Here are yet three more things about me that you need to know in order to live your life feeling fulfilled!

101. I now wear socks. I used to hate wearing because they made my feet sweat. But, in my latter years, I became a big sock fan. They have replaced my knee highs (I know you are so thankful for that fashion adjustment). I realize that my shoes also smell better now. :)

102. I love Hallmark and Lifetime movies. I'm such a sucker for love stories. I do not like murder or science fiction. I love peace and love and harmony (remember I do not like conflict). That also means that I do not like reality tv shows. I get so upset when someone is rejected and defeated. That may explain why I don't enjoy sports.

103. I rarely watch the news. I am so out of touch with what is going on in the world... except lately I have gotten caught watching Fox news and Bill O'Riley. I get aggravated by all the political junk , but have enjoyed the debates... go figure... Until I can cast my vote, I can't really make any difference.... you ARE registered to vote aren't you????? You'd BETTER make sure you are so you can voice your opinion!

Monday, January 14, 2008

100th Post

Yikes... 100 things about me... can you stand all the excitement???? Okay, so it is not actually my 100th anymore. My 100th post was actually about my son's birthday. I thought that one was way more important that 100 things about me... so, it is actually 102.

1. I am a Jesus lover - I can not remember a time in my life that I did not know Him.

2. My first memory is before I was 18 months old. I remember it because I was in disobedience. I was going up and down a step that I had been told not to. We were visiting Carrie Vaughn just before our family moved to Woodstock.

3. I quit college to work full time at a bank to save money to be able to travel Europe for the summer.

4. Daddy's wisdom offered to pay for the trip if he could chose the trip for me. I went on a tour with a seminary professor and about 20 retired (old) pastors and wives. I was 18 at the time and very well protected!

5. I have been to Israel twice - and would love go again.

6. I have never been to Canada

7. I love black olives and green olives. I also love them mixed with cream cheese.

8. I hate conflict and confrontation

9. I went to Mexico in 1975 and took my oldest son. He got a sombrero.

10. My first car was a Karmen Ghia - a sporty Volkswagen

11. The car wouldn't start unless it was jumped off by being pushed. Unless I parked on a hill I met lots of nice people who helped me. (Thank God, I was also protected from some weird ones!)

12. My second car was a Volkswagen bug with a sun roof.

13. I have owned 2 Volvos

14. My car now is a Toyota - guess you can say I prefer foreign cars

15. I love Sonic ice, and will stop to get a drink w/ extra ice just so I can have the ice.

16. I received an ice maker for Christmas 2 years in a row. (The first one died and so was replaced the this year).

17. I have a water distiller (and use distilled water to make my ice)

18. I drink mostly water, but love Diet Dr. Pepper. I try to limit those to one a day.

19. I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe - and that's all the sizes you get, unless you want my ring size and that is 6 1/2.

20. I have a tray that my mother made about the time I was born

21. I have some African Violets that have pink ruffly leaves and purple flowers

22. I love to crochet and knit

23. I have a big plastic storage container full of yarn and pieces of afghans - not "quite" finished

24. I have led/taught "Experiencing God" Bible study in 3 different churches 5 different times.

25. I have been in the choir/praise team in 4 different churches

26. I have played (not well) the piano, flute, saxophone, accordian, and guitar

27. I love to play cards, especially canasta

28. I am not athletic and was always the last person chosen for the team in school

29. I liked to "tumble" - do gymnastics - when I was in 6th and 7th grade

30. I was painfully shy in school and would not give a report or answer questions.

31. When we were first in the ministry my husband would just announce, "now, as Merrie comes to sing"... I had no preparation, music or warning... yes, I did it

32. I do not like oysters

33. I don't like fish or fish taste - especially crab, tuna, etc.

34. I do like fried flounder

35. I am a registered Republican, but more on conviction than party

36. I used to bake a batch of cookies every day, but had to stop when all the children left home because I was still eating them all (and my clothes showed it!)

37. I have only "owned" one house. Most every other place I have lived has been a parsonage provided by the church.

38. I did not own furniture when we moved to our present parsonage and it was not furnished. I got to get some. Most of it is used - actually, ALL of it is used. It was given or gotten from garage sales.

39. I love storage baskets. (not laundry baskets - that means work!)

40. I have a funny sense of humor and laugh at all the wrong times and places. I got in trouble all the time we were on the tour of Israel. Our guide said I laughed in the holy places and I should not. I was so tired I was giddy... besides, my friend MADE me laugh!

41. I have a very hard time sitting still and am constantly fidgeting and moving.

42. My husband has a hard time sitting next to me during church because I move so much that I distract him. It normally isn't a problem since he rarely sits because he is the one preaching.

43. I used to think I was pregnant every month. (I guess it's because I was pregnant so often)

44. I was pregnant or nursing for over 5 years straight and that was with my last 3!

45. I had a purple 3 speed bicycle when I was 10. My best friend across the street got one just like it the same year for Christmas too. (They must have been on sale at the local store)

46. When I was growing up we seemed to always have someone other than an immediate family member living with us. We had uncles, aunts, cousins, grandmama, friends, foster children, college students and even people we didn't even know but needed a place to stay.

47. I have never lived in the same house more than 4 years. When I was a little girl, we lived in one house for 6 years, but after I got married, we have moved often.

48. One of my choices for a college major was psychology

49. Another choice for major was interior decorating

50. Another choice was home economics

51. I planned to get a degree in early childhood education

52. I did not get a degree in any of those...

53. I sold paint and wallpaper. I also sold draperies, bedspreads and window shades.

54. I do not really like chocolate chip cookies, especially semi-sweet chocolate. I like them better if they are milk chocolate chips.

55. I love fruit - all fruit

56. I eat fruit for breakfast almost every morning

57. I also drink a protein shake for breakfast with my fruit

58. I do not really like toasted bread for my sandwiches - what am I talking about??? I don't even like sandwiches!!!!

59. I love chicken piccata - chicken and pasta with a lemon and caper sauce

60. I don't usually eat much pasta

61. I don't care for the taste and texture of mushrooms and neither does my daddy. I will eat them, but daddy won't.

62. My dog is named for Andy Griffith.

63. We had a cat named for Barney Fife, but he disappeared after we moved here.

64. I do not miss pine trees with their pine cones and pine needles and the heat they hold in. They are pretty, but messy and hot.

65. I love tulips and gerbera daises

66. I prefer bright colors to light colors

67. I have never read the Bible all the way through. I have started many times and have then read through it based on what scripture was for that day. I always plan to go back and read what I missed, but never get it all done. I have read all the Bible in parts, just not all the way through starting in Genesis going to Revelation.

68. I pray every day. I could not make it if I did not. I pray different lengths of time and at different times.

69. I pray every time I take a shower.

70. I love Beth Moores teachings, but have a hard time with her Bible studies because they are so tedious. I grow by leaps and bounds when I do them, and enjoy it afterward. But during the study, I feel like I'm being beaten.

71. I love to watch Joyce Meyer. I get lots out of her teaching because it is so practical and hits home!

72. I had 13 black cats at one time

73. I crocheted a king size bedspread - and never used it. It is too heavy and besides, after I finished it I was sick of it and hated the colors!

74. I have a rocking chair that my grandmother started housekeeping with.

75. I have my other grandmother's kitchen table and buffet.

76. I was born in south Georgia and grew up in Atlanta. My husband was born in Atlanta and grew up in south Georgia

77. I worked at an Instant Sign company. I made huge signs on the computer and then laminated them.

78. I used to buy 4 of each Christmas ornament so that I could give each child a "set" of ornaments when they got married.

79. I have read all of Frank Peretti's books except the last one. I have read most of Gilbert Morris's books. I have read most of Janette Oke's books. I have read most of Jan Karon's books - all of them about Mitford.

80. I have not read all the Left Behind series. I read the first 5.

81. I had a cocker spaniel named Freckles. He saved my life by swimming between me and a water moccasin when we were swimming in the creek behind my house. The snake bit him instead of me. Freckles died.... I lived.

82. I had a dog named Patches. He was half cocker spaniel and half schnauzer. He was brown in the front half and black curly hair on the back.

83. I don't like to talk on the phone much anymore. I used to talk on the phone all the time. I hate to make phone calls... and have been known not to answer if I don't know who is calling.

84. I have a MySpace page. I don't check it unless someone emails me from there and the only way I can get the message is to go to MySpace.

85. I love the beach and would rather go to the beach than almost anywhere.

86. I love flowers. I don't enjoy working in the yard, but I love a pretty yard, especially one with lots of blooming flowers.

87. At one point I cried and cried because I was a failure at my chosen profession of homemaker. My house was a mess, the laundry was piled up and the children were acting bad and I had no food in the house and supper wasn't cooked. I could not get it all together.

88. I have 4 rocking chairs in my house and don't sit in any of them very much. One was my grandmother's, one was given to me after we moved here, one is for a child and one is also a recliner and it is my husband's.

89. I love china and dishes. I have a weakness when I see it on sale. I have 4 sets of everyday dishes - but only use one. The other 3 are still boxed up. I have 2 sets of "fine" china. One I use and one I just display.

90. I also love crystal and silver. I especially love old silver - like antique that has history and stories...

91. I want to write a book some day. Actually, I have several different books and each one is a different subject.

92. We used to sell Christian toys for Wee Win Toys. I had a dream of having a Christian toy company and manufacturing Bible action toys. I even had a name for the company - Joshua David Toys. I would still like to do that.

93. I do not enjoy working with or teaching children. I love my own children and grandchildren, but I don't like to be in charge of other people's children. That is why I am not a teacher.

94. I can bake delicious cookies, but cannot make a decent cake. I eat cookies, but not cake. Maybe that is why I can't bake cakes.

95. In one parsonage we had roaches in the mattress. I was nursing our son and they roaches would come to find the milk. I had nightmares for years about the roaches crawling all over me like in a horror movie.

96. There was a time when I had 2 children in diapers (cloth - we didn't have disposable ones then) and I did not have a washer and dryer. I would was the clothes in the bathtub. We would take off our shoes and march around to "agitate" the clothes and get them clean. We had lots of fun playing in the water. Then I would hang them out to dry on the clothes line.

97. My oldest son wanted a little brother. When we would buy groceries he would scream at the top of his lungs, "I WANT A BABY BROTHER!" He was 2. I told him that he had to pray and ask God for a brother. He then began praying for a little brother. He also prayed for sisters and got all he prayed for until I started praying against all those children.

98. We played Santa Claus with our children, but told them that Jesus was real, and Santa was play. Every good and perfect gift comes from Jesus.

99. If I were not a pastor's wife, there would be many Sunday's that I would not go to church.

100. I am finally through and I'm so glad because I can't think of another thing about my life that would be interesting that I can put out there for the world to read... hehehe

Saturday, January 12, 2008

German Chocolate Cookies

Here is the recipe for the cookies that caused me to fail the other night. Thought I'd share with you.

1 box German Chocolate Cake Mix
1/3 cup butter - melted

Topping: (*)
1 cup sugar
1 cup evaporated milk (not sweetened condensed)
1/2 cup butter - softened
1 tsp vanilla
3 egg yolks, beaten
1 1/2 cups flaked coconut
1 1/2 cups chopped pecans

In a heavy 2-quart saucepan, combine sugar, milk , 1/2 cup butter, vanilla and egg yolks. Blend well. Cook over medium heat for 10 to 13 minutes or until thickened and bubbly, stirring frequently. Stir in coconut and pecans. Remove from heat. Cool to room temperature.

Reserve 1 1/4 cups of topping mixture: set aside.

In a large bowl, combine cookie ingredients and remaining topping mixture. Stir by hand until thoroughly moistened.

Shape dough into 1 inch balls. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. With thumb, make an indentation in center of each ball. fill each indentation with rounded 1/2 tsp of reserved topping.

Bake at 35 degrees for 10 to 13 min. or until set. Cool 5 min. remove from cookie sheet. Cool completely. Makes about 5 dozen cookies.

(*) option- you can used the canned topping instead of making the topping.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thirty Years Ago Today!

It is very hard to believe that 30 years ago I looked like this! It was taken in South Georgia. See the big tall pine trees?

Well, this was taken the day before son#2 was born. He will be 30 on Saturday.

Before he was born we knew he was a boy, we knew his name and we knew when he was to be born.

Mind you, this was not common in those days. Nobody had sonograms to see what sex the child was. It was not possible to know the sex or see the child before the birth of the child. Yes, it was in the dark ages!

BUT, the Holy Spirit paid me a visit. Hugsum had left in the middle of the night on a trip. After he left, the room filled with a cloud of glory. I could not open my eyes, but could see the cloud - hard to explain. I felt the Holy Presence. He brought such peace and love and joy. He said, "you are pregnant, it is a boy and his name is J- P-". Then He left.

The next morning when hugsum called I told him just that. He was not sure about it until he began to pray and the Holy Spirit confirmed it to him.

We were told many things about his life. We kept them close to our heart...

We are blessed by having a son such as J... He has been a blessing in so many ways. His love and gentle spirit just glow. He is a mighty man of God. He is a wonderful son, husband, and father. Happy Birthday!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Joys for the Future

Well, it is official! Our oldest son is having a little girl. We are so excited! That makes three precious girls and one precious boy for grandchildren. We are so blessed!

My age shows when I am so a overcome with the wonders of technology. When my son was born, we didn't have the ability to know if we were having a boy or girl. Now, it is common to know and seems "weird" NOT to know. Now, we can even SEE the precious little wonder inside the mommy. WOW... that just totally amazes me.

And, through the power of technology - the amazing power of photography and internet, I can see my granddaughter many miles away and she hasn't even been born yet and can share a picture of her with you! So you can see her perfection and beauty too.

You know, we are constantly growing in knowledge with our little finite minds. What are we doing with all that knowledge? Just think of how much more there is to learn and then realize that God already knows it all and has known it and there is so much more that we will never be able to wrap our little brains around.

I guess, that I'm just a greatly overwhelmed right now and stand amazed...

So, here is my precious little one who has yet to open her eyes in this world, but we can see her already...

I wonder if she has any idea how much she is loved....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well, so much for my good intentions. My mama always says that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I surely must have been slipping down quickly today.

Why is it that as soon as we make a bold declaration, failure is imminent? I did or didn't do all the things that I intended to do today. Like Paul says, the things that I WANT to do, I don't do and the things I don't want to do, I do! (is this where he says, "oh wretched man that I am"? that is how I feel... wretched woman!)

Just to name a few failures, I slept much later than normal, I did not have my personal devotion time, and I ATE EVERYTHING in sight.

I went to a pot luck supper tonight. It was lots of fun - but mainly desserts. At something like this, you HAVE to taste some of everything and then if it is a friend's you have to have seconds, and if it's someone you are just becoming friends with you have to have thirds and if you REALLY like, it you have fourths (like the overthetop german chocolate cookies - oh my goodness!!!)

So, I guess that tomorrow I will pick up my good intentions again and I intend to be intentional and do them. Sure hope you did better than me!

Monday, January 7, 2008


One of the hardest things for me is to be intentional. Not sure why that is, and I have lots of theories about it and I'm intentionally not going to expound on them.

My goal this year (not resolution) is to be more intentional about what I'm doing and not mindlessly go through the day, week, month, year - without accomplishing anything and enjoying my life.

I intend (hehehe pun "intended") to be intentional about what I eat and what I do and how much time I spend doing mindless things - like play games on the computer, or read and click and read and click and before I know it the night has passed and I have not accomplished anything that I intended to get done.

I intend to lose weight and get into my smaller clothes. I intend to exercises and tone up. I intend to spend intentional time reading my Bible and devotional books. I intend to complete my ND. I intend to stop wasting time and doing things that are of no eternal value. I intend to walk in love and not be offended. I intend to laugh and play and enjoy...

What do you intend to do this year? Do you intend to make changes?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

truth revealed...

Last night we went to a Pastor's meeting - an Epiphany party. We had some delicious food and fellowship. Then we put the tables away and broke into groups to play games. Now mind you... we were all in the ministry - either pastors, spouses or children...

We laughed and cheered and sang and made crazy fools of ourselves - sorry, no pictures (they would be great blackmail ) ... the competition was heavy - the cheating was heavier! We decided that there was no way to ever know who won because no one was playing fair.

But, mission was accomplished. We got to know each other and we had fun. No one was mad or upset by the cheating, but encouraged all to "make it" and win ... we were real... we were not trying to be perfect and something we were not. We acknowledged our weaknesses and laughed at ourselves.

It was a great night.

Holidays Officially Over!

Well, "they" say that all good things must come to an end. I never liked that saying because it seems like such a sad outlook on life.

I would like to change it - not sure to what - maybe ... "after a good thing ends another good thing comes along!"

Not as catchy, but more positive....

I have especially enjoyed my holidays this year. I have been blessed in so many ways. It was great to be with family and ones that we love. Being with grandchildren for Christmas was wonderful and enjoyable. Travel is always fun... lots of work packing, loading, unloading, repacking, reloading, unloading .... and on and on it goes.
Having said all that, my "vacation" and holiday celebrations are officially over. I got 2 weeks off!

Now, tomorrow, I get to go back to work. I have enjoyed not working, but I also enjoy working. I am one of the weird people who love to stay at home - (at least be able to stay at home, but love to go too). Working part-time is perfect for me. I also like not taking a lunch. If I take a lunch then I don't want to go back to work. It is just easier to stay and not leave, than it is to take a lunch and not want to go back. Besides, I can still get up early and get some stuff done before I go to work, then I can leave early afternoon and still go and do.

Life is good... it is a good thing, but it does not come to an end... it will be followed by something else good. To live is Christ, to die is gain!

Guess I'm not the only one going back to work - all the teachers here have to go back too... it won't be long until summer... then a LONG break for them.

Friday, January 4, 2008

After Christmas Sales

Is anyone else having trouble with the sales this year? I mean, I can't really find the good ones.

On the day after Christmas my daughter and I went to Ross looking for some good deals. I love to get some beautiful decorations at half off. BUT, they were not marked down! The manager informed me that they would not mark them down until after New Years.

My hugsum went to Dillard's looking for some of his favorite clothes since he had been given a gift card there. Well, THEY weren't on sale yet either. He was told they would be on sale the end of January!

I did go to Hobby Lobby today and all their beautiful decorations were marked 80% off! I loved that and got some really nice things... not many ... especially since I only used a very small portion of the decorations that I already have. But, it just isn't after Christmas unless you can find some good deals. I did resist getting anymore serving plates though. I may be sorry, but I don't think so. I really don't ever plan another open house or huge entertaining event.

I guess that's why the economy is not doing so well... things are not on sale! I'm holding on to my money (and gift cards) until I find some good prices!

Finally! Friday...

Well, in my yesterday's post I said one of the things I wanted to do this year was to fix my clock. I'd like to report that I DID IT!!!!

It was not as hard as I thought it was. It just took some thought and then it was easy. I felt like such an ignoramus after I figured it out because I had been just "knowing" that in the afternoon, it was the wrong date. Now it has the right date all day long! What a relief!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Want To Do This Year...
1. Get all my Christmas decorations put up before Easter! (Please tell me this is possible... or is it okay to decorate for Easter with red and green?)
2. Lose at least 10, maybe 15 pounds... (20 would be wonderful, but I do enjoy eating and don't enjoy working out... let's be realistic)
3. Find a new hairstyle that doesn't take me 30-45 minutes a day to look like I can walk out the door - just in time for the wind to blow it to Canada!) I also would like to not look like a granny even if I am one... something more stylish and fun.
4. Find a house where we can retire - whether we move there or rent it, it will be available when we need it...
5. Love on my grandchildren as often as possible.
6. Finish my degree in Naturopathy
7. Get my clock set so the day and date coincide w/ the day and date I'm living in... in other words, it says it is 5am on January 4th... making it Friday morning instead of Thursday afternoon... I am technically challenged
8. Go to the beach at least one time this year - by "beach", I mean the ocean, waves, sand, sun, tan! Last year was the first year I can remember (at least in my adult life) that I did not go to the beach!
9. Get a tan - tan skin always looks better and healthier and skinner!
10. Balance my checkbook to the penny at least one time...
11. Talk to my parents more often
12. Get rid of tons of things that I have moved around for years and years... like old magazines and favorite plastic bowls and ugly country decorations that were gifts and I love the person who gave them to me, just not the thing!
13. Learn to cook new, healthy meals... that are actually GOOD and tasty - not just good for you.

Okay, so that did not include anything I plan for my spiritual life, but it is ever present and not forgotten. I am always working on that and spending more time in prayer, devotions, praise and worship.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful last week of the year and a great start to the New Year!

I have gotten to see every member of my family (children, grandchildren, parents, brother's family, sister's family & even aunt and uncle!) and spend time with them. What a blessing! These holidays are about family and love and togetherness. Family is where God planted us.

We spent many long hours in the car traveling to see family. We spent lots of time eating. We spent lots of time talking and laughing and enjoying. We got to love on babies and hug lots of necks.

I feel especially blessed today. This is the start of a wonderful year.

Great things are going to happen. We are having another grandbaby in March. We are all healthy and well.

I haven't made any resolutions. I have been trying to be more diligent, more disciplined, more sensitive to others, more loving and kind. I want to spend more time with those I love.

I pray that your year will be full of love and health and prosperity and blessings - exceedingly above all that you could ever ask or think. I pray that you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and His leading and guidance in ways far beyond anything you have ever experienced before. May you find happiness and fulfillment, peace and contentment.