Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things God is Doing In My Life Right Now...
1. Waking me up early
2. Showing me His love
3. Showing me His faithfulness
4. Reminding me of things He has done in the past
5. Drawing me away to spend more time with Him
6. Taking away my craving for all things sugar!
7. Calling me into a more disciplined life - eat less, exercise more, sleep when I'm supposed to and not when I'm not
8. Giving me grace and mercy (toward me)
9. Causing me to have grace and mercy toward others
10. Requiring me to do something that I'm really NOT wanting to do (as in digging my heels and nails in trying to stop it)
11. Teaching me more about walking in faith and trust
12. Filling my life with love and good things
13. Enabling me to walk and do what He is requiring me at this time in my life... therefore filling me with expectation and excitement for the present and future.


Miss Paula said...

Merrie, You are the first entry on Beth's Poll. My dad was born in Snyder, Oklahoma!! It was in 1928 but I just wanted to connect and say I have heard of Snyder. Made me think of my dad this morning!!

Thanks! Miss Paula

Linda said...

Merrie, I'll be back later to read because I'm late for work, but once again, we are on the same wavelength. More to say later ....

Melanie said...

Just wanted to stop by and say I am thinking about you and what you shared about your mom. May you have peace in those moments you have with her. May you still see that glimmer in her eyes that you have missed. And may this time be a time of bonding with your dad and daughters.