Monday, August 4, 2014

What We Do .... and ...

I have been young and now I am old.  I was a child.  I had parents.  I grew up.  I became a parent and had children.  My chidren now have children.

When I was a child, I didn't always understand why I could or could not do things.  Even though I don't doubt that my parents loved me, I never felt they understood me.  I felt they were afraid of who I was and what I wanted to do.

So, I became rebellious and judgemental.  I hid things from them that I felt they would not approve of me doing.  I acted one way around them and another way around my friends.  I lived a double life ... a lie.  I knew how to act religious.  I knew the right answers to give.  I could play the game well!

Then, one day I had a real relationship with Jesus and my right actions became who I was.  I no longer lived the double life.

As an adult, I determined that my parents didn't know what they were doing as parents and so I did not allow them to keep my children.  Of course, the fact that we didn't live close to them helped.  I was very critical of them.  They were human.  They made mistakes.  They were not perfect.  But, they did the best they knew how to do.  Even though they have never been anything but loving and kind to me and my children,  I made a life judgement and decision that was not right!

I was blessed with four children.  I did my best to raise Godly children that knew right from wrong.  I did my best to shield them from evil.  I tried every way I could to show them I loved them.  I failed miserably at times.  I made many mistakes.  I was far from perfect!

And .... the seeds that I sowed came back to me. .... hahahaha

Don't get me wrong!  I have very very good children, who are now adults!  I am very proud of my children and who they have become.  I couldn't ask for more!  They are doing a good job as parents.  I do get to keep my grandchildren. That is such a joy and blessing! 

Of course, they disagree with some of the way we did things.  That's okay because I might disagree with they way they do things!  But, the thing is, I have learned to let them be the parents.  To let them make thier own mistakes.

What I have seen and learned through the years is that there is much much truth in what goes around, comes around.  What you do WILL come back to you.  Judge not, because you will be judged for the same thing with the same measure you judged.

We don't realize the cost of our judgements.  We don't realize the value of grace and mercy.  We can't calculate the enormous impact that our actions, words, judgments, criticism, love done today, will have on our future and future generations.

So, let me encourage you.  If you have been judgemental, critical, mean, foolish, etc, it is extremely important that you stop.  It is imperative that you repent and ask for forgiveness.  It is necessary that you don't continue.  This is the only way that you will stop the cycle and the curse from coming to land and bearing fruit that is undesirable.

If you want a life of blessing and love, it is possible.   All you have to do is live that way.  Offer understanding.  Offer acceptance.  Offer forgiveness.  Offer love and blessings!  

You will not have regrets!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm Back .... maybe ....

I have been on Facebook too much.  I enjoy the instant gratification of posting something and receiving feedback.  I like that people can "like" something and I know it!

However, I do miss the ability to ramble on and on and wax eloquent - or maybe not so eloquent!  

Today I was trying to post something.  I wrote about 5 posts and deleted them.  Somethings just don't need to be put out there on Facebook.  Somethings are too easily misunderstood.   I found that people take things personally when in reality, it has nothing to do with them! So, I try to filter a post through my list of issues going on and try to determine if it can be misinterpreted!    

So, if you think this applies to something - you can rest assured that it more than likely does not!  hahaha   (that is my discaimer!)

I have been thinking about unity and getting along.  We all know that if two don't agree they cant walk together.  So what if you are trying to work with someone and they have a different vision or different desire or different process?  What if you keep going around the same mountain and can't move forward because of disagreements?

When is it time to walk away and seek peace?  When do you decide to go in a different direction?  (Im definately not talking about marriage!!!)  I have people who love to shop together.  I enjoy shopping with others.  At times, though, they like to go to stores or places that I don't want to.  I mean, even going to walmart can cause issues.... they want to look at frozen foods, I want to look at CANDY!  LOL  Or I want to look at flowers and they want to look at toys!  

But, what about people who want to live your life for you?  They want to direct your actions.  They want to sit in judgment of what you do and say?  They have set themselves up as your "god" to determine your actions.   I'm sorry, but I have lived my life under such controling people in the past and it is just not right!  There is no pleasing them.  Frankly, it is not their business.  They are way out of bounds.

Who gives them the right to judge me and my actions?  They don't know all the circumstances.  They are not privy to all the facts.  People have a tendency to take things personally when it doesn't involve them!  They get offended or their feelings hurt.  They love to listen to the negative reports and then spread the gossip.  Most issues in life would take care of themselves if others would stay out of it!  I know of something now that is stirring because someone took it upon themself to straighten it out.  It did not involve them.  But, they took issue... they determined they knew best.  

I have found that when I know "best" I know least!  I have found that when I want to get involed, the best way I can help is to PRAY!  Anything other than that is out of bounds, unless it is directed by and ONLY by the Holy Spirit!!!!!!   

Family rifts, church splits, marriage breakups, lost friendshiips, company divisions, and on and on the pain and heartbreak of lost relationships can be traced back to misunderstanding and someone else getting  involved in "fixing" what is not their business!

Human involvement and intervention causes more pain because it is dead works of the flesh.  It is not life giving help from the Holy Spirit that will bring healing, health, wholeness, life, love, reconcilliation  ....

I want to scream from the house top .... PRAY!!!!!    If you see something you don't like, don't understand, don't agree with .... STAY OUT OF IT!!!!!   It is NOT YOUR BUSINESS!!!!! Just PRAY!!!!!

People do more harm trying to "fix" something than if they would stay out of it and allow God to work!  

The best way to help is to PRAY!  The only way to help is to PRAY!  When you don't know what to do, PRAY!  But, do not pray directive prayers telling God what to do.  Pray for wisdom.  Pray for understanding.  Pray for His will to be done.  Pray that YOUR will not be done!  Pray that love will abound!  

People bring division.  The Spirit brings unity.  Where there is agreement and unity then there is power and God can work.

I know people think they are helping.  I know people think they know best.  I know people are seeking to bring about peace and change.  BUT, that is not in their power.  It is not their job.  It is only the job of Jesus to change people and bring them peace.  He came to bring peace, after all.  And, ALL POWER is His!  So, let's let go and let Him work!

As I said, if you think you know what I'm talking about, then you are wrong!  Please don't read into this anything about anything you think!  My life is my life and it is full.  I also have a large family and lots of friends.  I counsel lots of people.  So, you can assume nothing.  You can be assured that it is not what you are thinkng!

However .... you may feel free to apply any of this to your own life and learn from it!  (insert smiley face!)

So, having said all that .... have a good day!  Stay out of other people's business.  Stop gossiping and start praying!  You will be simply amazed at how good and peaceful life can be!  Love you!