Friday, October 30, 2009


We are home!
This has been one of the best weeks of our lives... We started out a little shaky. When we got to my parent's home, mama didn't know me and didn't like me very much. There were lots of things going on and she was tired and well... it was just hard. It broke my heart.
Daddy was doing well. He was tired and worn out, but he was in good spirits. It is always good to see him and have time with him.

Then, we headed southeast to do a revival. We are the ones who came away revived! God was so good and His Presence was so precious. Hugsum preached his best! He ministered in power and strength. I was so proud (after all, I AM his wife and helpmeet and... okay, so I can't take ANY credit, but I was just proud).

We loved and we were loved.

We ate WELL... (I went down wearing a pair of size 6 jeans. The last night I wore a size 10 outfit and the jeans I wore home... size 12! Like I said, we ate VERY well! (do you have any idea what I won't be doing much of in the near future????)

We were blessed to stay in a wonderful "cabin". Not your typical "cabin"... this one was first class! So nice and had everything we could ever need! We felt so honored to be there.

The church was PACKED!!! We held our breath so we could fit more people in. It was wonderful! The joy and excitement just flooded us.

It was so good to see so many people that we love! It was fun to catch up with what was going on and to see how much the children had grown! So many were little or babies when we were there. So many had been born since we left!

We have so many thank yous to give. So much love was given!!!!! I felt like I was walking in the "exceeding abundantly OVER and above all I ever asked or thought"... and receiving so much that we could not contain it! Our hearts and little car were overflowing!

On the way home we stopped back by my parent's to spend the night. I honestly was hesitant because I did not know what to expect. When we walked in mama smiled and seemed to know us. She was happy to see us. Later on after she went to bed I walked by her door. She was still awake so I just walked in and plopped myself on the bed right beside her. We had such a sweet visit. We just talked and I reminded her of things and she remembered and smiled and was constantly patting my face and arms and back and telling me she loved me. She probably told me she loved me 150 - 200 times. It was such a sweet precious gift!

This entire week has been a gift. There is nothing that we lacked. God's blessings abounded. I was able to see and visit with so many wonderful people. There were several very special people that I was not able to see or spend as much time with as I wanted. I know that there will be another time when I will be able to. If not in this life, then I know we will have eternity together.

I just wanted to share my joy and blessings...

and to explain where I've been... did I mention that our precious and wonderful cabin was equipped with something else that is hard to get... privacy! There was no phone. We had no phone service and no internet! When I went to town I could use my phone and check email and facebook. I must admit that I loved being unplugged. I might just try it more!

Hope that you have had a good week... We will be off to Oz tomorrow so I'll be away a little longer. I'll try to catch up with you!


Friday, October 23, 2009

On The Road Again...

As you read this, we are more than likely on the road!

We have been planning and looking forward to this trip for months. Hugsum is going to preach a revival at a former church. It is 1/2 way across the U.S. from where we live. Only about an 18 hour drive.

We will be stopping to visit with my parents who live in Conyers. We get to spend a couple of nights with them, then we get up Sunday and head south.

We get four days and nights with our friends.... eating, enjoying fellowship, ministering, catching up, listening... just basking in the love of God in that community.

Then, we will head back to Conyers for the night and get up EARLY Friday to come home. Then, we get to unpack, repack and load up and then head up to Oz for the weekend.

We are so thankful for friends and family. It will be wonderful to reconnect.

So, if I'm not around here or online much, that is where we will be. I'll catch up when we get back home.

Hope all is well with you all...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suggested Blog

Last week, I participated in Linda's meme at 2nd Cup of Coffee - Random Dozen. She suggested that I blog about an answer that I gave to one of the questions. The question was "Have you ever been on TV?"

My answer was: Yes. When I was a little girl I was on the local kids show. Then I was on a show and interviewed about my children and how I raised them and taught them and some neat things about how I was told I couldn't have children and would never get pregnant, but God blessed me with 4.

I'm guessing that she was not talking about me being on the kids show. So, I'll share about my children.

When hugsum and I got married, I was a ripe old 23 years old and he was much older at 27. We wanted children right away. We didn't want to be old when they were grown so that we could enjoy life and our grandchildren.

We began to try to have a child. After about 6 months later I began to experience some strange symptoms in my body and called the doctor. They told me to bring a urine sample (that was back before the age of the home pregnancy tests). I did and anxiously waited for them to call. It was a long process ... you see, (for those who are not in their 60's) you had to have missed 2 periods and then call the doctor, then do the urine sample and they tested it and I don't know what all they did, but the saying was "the rabbit died"... meaning you are pregnant.

So, finally, the doctor's office called and said I was pregnant. I was so excited. I went around telling everyone - shouting it from the housetops! I still had not seen the doctor because, like I said, it took a long time to get in and well, they just didn't do things fast back then.

A few weeks later, before I saw the doctor, I began to experience some sharp pains and then began to "spot". I called the doctor and was told to lie down and keep my feet up and not to lift anything. The next week, after lying around all week being obedient, and still spotting, I went to my appointment.

The doctor examined me and said, "WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE PREGNANT????" I said that he had told me. He said that it was impossible for me to be pregnant. I had the uterus of a 10 year old and did not ovulate and would never make a normal egg and would never have any children.

He was not nice about it at all and was very firm in saying that IF I ever got pregnant, it would end up the same way, as a miscarriage, because it would be deformed. I made bad eggs, if any at all.

We went home from the appointment devastated. Not only was I not pregnant, but in all probability I would never be.

We were in a great church and Sunday School class and we had a wonderful support group. They rallied around us. We prayed a very simple, but faith filled prayer asking for children.

We then re-evaluated our lives. We decided that since the doctor said no children then we would just go ahead with our lives. We would finish our education and become Christian counselors. We searched out schools and degrees. We wanted to both get our PhDs and work together helping people.

In order to do this, we began to sell everything we owned, china, silver, furniture, everything. We decided to get a van and have it converted into a camper and just live in it until we graduated. We started the process. We chose Dallas Baptist College. We got an early morning paper route on Palm Beach to make an extra $100 cash a week. It was beautiful. The sun was coming up over the Atlantic and the moon was setting over Lake Worth.

We were so excited and full of anticipation at what God was doing and how our lives were going to be fulfilled and we would be able to help so many people. Then a strange thing began to happen. I would throw a paper and then have to throw up out the window... over and over and over. I thought I had a virus so just kept going. The only time I threw up was on the paper route.

Well, sure enough... I went through the process again and found that I was pregnant. We didn't tell as many people this time. We went ahead with selling everything and getting our camper. We moved from West Palm Beach, FL to Dallas, Texas.... found a good doctor out there who didn't know I couldn't have children.

We got a job at Buckner Baptist Children's Home as houseparents on the 3rd floor. We had 16 little boys who were ages 5 - 7 ... precious, precious boys!

Our first born son was born January 31, 1975. He was 3 weeks late.

God blessed us with three more children. There are wonderful stories about each one and how God gave them to us. That will have to be for another post.

I do not regret praying that prayer asking for children. I have been so blessed by my children. They are good and are raising godly children themselves.

I'm thankful, I'm blessed.

Random Dozen #8

We have Linda's meme of Random Dozen today. Check out her blog and join in the fun!

1. Candy corn: Your thoughts?

Candy corn - YES! We actually use candy corn at my house all year. We use it as bribes - I mean, PRIZES for going potty or minding or doing what I want ... It works great! Right now I have a jar filled with the "Harvest Mix" and I have stocked up on the chocolate (Indian corn). That is as far as I go with the flavored ones. I got the caramel apple last year and had to throw it out.

2. Briefly, what was the first conversation you ever had with your spouse? (or best friend, if you're not married.) (Or someone significant, like your librarian.)

I'd love to think that it was some romantic, deep conversation. It wasn't that at all. Not earth shaking except that I was madly in love and knew I wanted to marry him and he hardly knew I existed. I probably made a fool over myself saying something totally blond and dumb.

3. Could you ever become a vegetarian?

Easily. I could be a fruitarian (meaning eat nothing but fruit). Not so healthy, but I'd be happy. I don't really care if I have meat with a meal. I do want some butter, cheese, yogurt, and eggs, so I would not be able to be vegan (no animal products).

4. Have you ever dressed up your pet in a costume?

As a child, all the time. As an adult, yes. I have a Santa Claus outfit I put on Andy at Christmas (duh).

5. Name something about childhood that you miss (like Clark Bars, Teaberry Gum, Malibu Barbie, cracking fake eggs on people's heads with your fist and "It's the Great Pumpkin" airing only once a year).

The good music, the "good" tv, the carefree life, getting together with cousins and aunts and uncles (extended family), penny candy, walking to the store with a dime for a nickle coke and 5 cents worth of candy that would last all day.... good times and good memories...

6. Have you ever won a trophy? If not, what do you deserve a trophy for?

I can't remember personally winning a trophy, but I count every one my children won as "mine".

7. When do you think is the appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music each year?

I truthfully enjoy it year round. Yeah, I'm one of those people who could easily leave my decorations up all year. I just enjoy the feelings Christmas music evokes of joy and excitement, generosity, anticipation and surprises. Makes me warm all over just thinking about it!

8. What's your favorite board game?

I grew up playing Clue. I still love it. I'm good at figuring it out, too. It was Miss Scarlet with the lead pipe in the conservatory!

9. How do you feel about surprises (receiving, not giving)?

It depends ... if I'm dressed cute and feeling good, then I love both giving and receiving surprises. If I feel dumpy and ugly, then I don't enjoy being surprised because I'm feeling to bad to appreciate it. (I know that answer shows my flesh and insecurity - but it was the first thought.)
If I am sure that the recipient will like what I'm surprising them with, then I LOVE to give surprises.

10. Is it easy for you to say, "I'm sorry?"

Yes. I am guilty of taking too much responsibility for things that are not my fault. So I say "I'm sorry", often. If I have been hurt and blamed for something that I did not do and the other person is offended, it will take me some time to get to the point of saying it, but I do say it and mean it.

11. What is your favorite candle scent?

I like a fruity scent or vanilla... but, since I have lost a good bit of my smelling ability, then it doesn't matter. But, cinnamon burns my nose.

12. October is traditionally "open house" time in public schools. If you had a literal open house in your home (like a reception) what light snacks would you serve visitors and what would you show them (as in art projects, graded papers) that would uniquely represent you?

Oh, Lid! Having lived in a parsonage for many MANY years and having to (getting to) have the world come in and inspect our home, this is a sore subject. But, I'll answer sweetly. :)

Okay, I would offer a light punch (in color - b/c you don't want it spilled on your carpet and stained, and in calories - b/c most people are watching their weight.) I would also have something hot, either cider, coffee or spiced tea.
Also, I would have homemade fudge, cookies, and cheese straws. I would also have peanuts and mints (maybe homemade). I'd try to keep it simple and easy. They are not there to fill up... BUT, if I needed to, I'd add some pigs in the blanket, sausage balls, dip and crackers, Swedish meatballs, cake, chips, chex mix...

I would give them tour of the home pointing out the parsonage furniture and the changes and improvements made since the last open house. I would show them pictures of our children and my Thomas Kincaid lighted village (that is still packed up right now). I'm pretty modest so I probably wouldn't actually point out the village, but just sort of walk them over to it and stand and talk. ... But, I would for sure tell them all about the kids and grandkids.

Now, go over to Linda's at 2nd Cup of Coffee and check out the rest of the wonderful blogs who are joining in.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Into Flavor - Old Fashioned Fudge Pie

My friend, Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee is doing this fun meme again this year. I am excited! I had a recipe ready and waiting!

Over the weekend I had 2 different covered dish dinners to attend. Since I don't have any way to cook where these dinners are, I have to prepare ahead of time for them. Well, this time, I happened to be lax and lazy and had no inspiration. So, before we headed out of town for the first dinner I made a quick run to Wally's... there, on the back wall, on the marked down cart of day old bakery items was a Paula Deen Old Fashioned Fudge Pie. I snatched that sucker up and ran by the whipped cream section and was on my way... smiling the whole way.

So, as it would be, the dessert table was laden with wonderful goodies. Only 2 small slices were eaten (me and hugsum) of my pie. I brought it home and ate another slice... the next morning ANOTHER slice. Then on Sunday I ate 2 more slices. I decided that since I've eaten almost the entire thing I should find out how to make it.

I googled it... here is the recipe from Paula herself!

Old Fashioned Fudge Pie

2 squares (2 oz) semisweet chocolate
1/2 cup (one stick) REAL butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1 9"uncooked pie crust

Preheat oven to 375*
Melt chocolate and butter together in heavy saucepan over low heat. Remove the pan from the heat and add sugar, then the eggs. Beat well. Pour the filling into the pie crust and bake for 25 minutes or until just set. Serve warm or cold with ice cream or whipped cream.

Now, go check out Linda's blog and all the other wonderful recipes for fall comfort foods.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Try Again... and other things..

Over the weekend I tried something that I wasn't patient enough (at the time) to figure out. It didn't work. I'll keep working at it. My next goal is to "train my blog" to post on facebook.

I was trying to blog from my phone. I wanted to post a picture of a new find at Walmart. It is my favorite tea - that and Wild Sweet Orange. They both are so good!

You should try these teas! I had been getting them from Starbucks - but found the Wild Sweet Orange at Target (thanks, Beka) and then on Friday I found Passion at Walmart! Both are for $3! Great deals!

I wanted to give an update on my home remedy... It worked!!!!! Hallelujah! I am sure that I saved my tooth and a nice dental bill by using the peroxide and silver! It took a few days, but by Thursday, I had no pain at all and the tooth was not sensitive to touch or pressure. I was just eating peanuts and chewing with that tooth. Made me so thankful!

Also, the flea pill is a marvel! I don't know what the side effects are but there are NO fleas!!!! I haven't seen any and Andy is not itching from flea bites! Yeah, I'm thankful for that, too!

We are looking forward to a trip back home. We are going to be checking in on my parents and then going down to a former church to preach a revival. I'm so excited to see these people. They are some good friends - salt of the earth - strong in the Lord!

I'm hoping for some boiled peanuts while we are there and some Cadillac Rice - maybe even some teacakes (cookies). One thing for sure, they know how to cook down there! We get 2 fellowship meals and lots of meals with friends and loved ones.

I realize the blessings of friends and family. God has been so good to us through the years with people to love. He has lead us to wonderful places to minister.

I'm humbled by His goodness to us!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Dozen

My friend, Linda, at 2nd Cup of Coffee has this meme. This is the 7th week and my first jump into the pool.

So, I'm going to try my hand at this...

1. I've always wondered why we were taught both printing and cursive. Do you prefer to print or write cursive? (Keyboard is not a choice.)

Well, my handwriting is HORRIBLE, no matter which way I write. I tend to start out one way and halfway through the word switch to the other. If I am not sure how to spell a word, I will unconsciously go to cursive because most people can't read it and so don't know if the word is spelled correctly or not.

2. Are you a dreamer or a realist?

I THINK I'm a dreamer. I have lots and lots of dreams that I'd love to see come to pass. I was more of a dreamer in my younger days, but now I see myself becoming more of a realist. I hate that! Without dreams life is dull and hopeless. The realism tends to kill the dreams for me.

3. Billy Joel or Elton John?.

Is it okay to say neither one? I never listened to Elton John and I can't remember ever listening to Billy Joel. If my radio is on, it is tuned to a Christian station - but it is rarely turned on. I enjoy the quiet even on long trips. If I want to listen to something I'll put in a cd of my choosing. I guess it comes down to the control issue. I want to be in control of what I listen to and on the radio I have no choice except "on" or "off"... so, my choice is "off".

4. What is the scariest movie you've ever seen? Not just horror flicks but also ones where the tension or suspense is killer, for example, Flightplan (2005): A bereaved woman and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America. At 30,000 feet the child vanishes and nobody admits she was ever on that plan.

The Hounds of the Baskervilles when I was about 10. I went with a friend to a Saturday matinee and it was playing. I hid between the seats with my eyes closed tight and fingers in my ears while humming. I remember having nightmares for years about that movie. So, needless to say, I don't watch them. I will not stay around or go to a scary movie. I'm just plain chicken!

5. Now what is the scariest real-life moment you've had?

Not long after 9-11 we were flying into the Tulsa airport making our descent when suddenly the plane completely changed speed and took off again. It was very scary because we did not know what was happening only that we were almost on the ground slowing down then we completely changed course and took off again. Our imaginations went crazy. All my children happened to be in Tulsa at the time and I had thoughts of terrorists attacks and all sorts of bad things. Evidently, there was a plane on our runway that had not moved out of the way and we almost ran into it. That thought in itself was pretty scary. Thank goodness - I still have no fear of flying and love to travel!

6. What word do you misspell without fail?

adn ... if I'm typing. Too many others if writing. I'm not a natural good speller.

7. Name something you like to do but are not really talented or good at?

I love to sew and do crafts. I used to sew all the time and make all my clothes. But, in the last 25 years I have not sewn much and when I do it doesn't turn out like I imagined. I have a hard time with getting the right pattern and fabric and style and fit... Makes me wonder how I must have looked all those years that I made all my clothes. I'm sure I looked pretty "homemade".

8. Do you get your emotional/mental batteries recharged by being around people or by having alone time?

I HAVE to have my alone time. I love people and I love being around people, but if I don't get some time by myself - completely alone, no one in the house or expected home - then I can get real irritable and grumpy. There are days that I figure that if I had the internet I could easily be a hermit. Just let me know there are people out there and I'm fine in here by myself.

Then there are days that I really want to be out and with people... of course, mostly I'm never alone, so those days are few.

9. Have you ever been on TV?

Yes. When I was a little girl I was on the local kids show. Then I was on a show and interviewed about my children and how I raised them and taught them and some neat things about how I was told I couldn't have children and would never get pregnant, but God blessed me with 4.

10. Apple or pumpkin pie? (Don't be greedy.)

Well, I'll just take half apple and half pumpkin then. Truthfully, when given a choice of desserts I usually opt for a sample of each. (Explains why I had a weight problem.) I only like pumpkin around the holidays if I have whipped cream. I like apple pie if it has a crunchy topping (more like a crisp) and if it is homemade - okay, so I'm a pie snob!

11. How many magazine subscriptions do you have?

I have way too many because I don't read them. They are stacked up waiting for me to read. I feel guilty throwing them away - like I'm wasting. Okay... so I have six - I think. I did not renew four others. I get hooked when I get a renewal notice for like $6 a year... I have several that I got to share with my daughter. She doesn't have time to read them now either, so they just sit.

12. What lesson do you have to keep re-learning?

to stay in peace - knowing that God will work out all things for His glory and my good....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I want to say that I have the BEST parents in the world. My mama is 87. She is in pretty good health. Just can't remember things. There are some issues that we are dealing with.

Daddy has given up his life and ministry to devote himself to taking care of her. It is a 24/7 job and can be thankless. It is taking it's toll on him and he needs relief.

The hard part for me is that I'm half way across the country from them. Thankfully, my sister and brother live fairly close and go frequently to help. Also my nephew has been such a wonderful blessing to them and helps greatly.

They are not burdens. They are blessings. It is such a privilege to have them around. The example of love and sacrifice they are is humbling. Mama, even in her mental state is sweet and loving. Even if she does not have a clue who you are, she will tell you she loves you and ask you to come back soon and tell you that she misses you.

Daddy cares for her so gently and meticulously ... he is very careful to make sure she gets the medications as she needs them. He cares for her in ways that I'm sure he never imagined as a young man. Yet, he does the unthinkable and unmentionable with love and care.

I am blessed beyond measure with my parents. I am so thankful for them. What a heritage and Godly examples I have!

Monday, October 12, 2009


So, the Comfortis pill WORKED!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD AND GLORY!!!!!

Yeah, we are happy. Andy has not had a flea on him in a week.... YIPPEEEEE!!!!!

We are happy campers. Now, I just need to keep the house and furniture vacuumed good and we won't have any more flea problems.


Thought I'd let you know!

Home Remedy

I'm working with a home remedy today. A few years ago I heard about using peroxide and colloidal silver together for a huge impact on teeth.

I have a good friend who was told she needed a root canal. But, she just did not have time to get one right then. She didn't really want one anyway. So, she started using peroxide and sliver to rinse her mouth and HOLD it there for 10 minutes. I think it was twice a day. Almost immediately she felt a difference. That was over 2 years ago. I don't think she ever had to have the root canal.

So, about a year and a half ago I went to a new dentist with a very simple filling (so I thought) He began to drill and drill and DRILL!!!!! Then he told me that he thought I "might" need a root canal, but he was going to try not giving me one. Then I had to have a cap.

Honestly, I have a real aversion to dentists (You can chalk that up to the largest understatement I've made in quite awhile.) I have had lots of dental work done and have had some pretty painful things take place in the privacy of my mouth.

But, this particular dentist was the roughest I have ever been to. Honestly, my mouth was in constant pain for over 6 months. I had to have a crown. After that was put in place I vowed NEVER to go back to that dentist. That tooth has been sensitive and painful since then - where as before it never gave me one second of pain or sensitivity.

Now, that particular tooth has been aching. It has become very sensitive to touch (making eating peanuts, among other things that must be chewed, painful!).

So in the middle of the night I woke up with it hurting again. I was praying about it because I really don't want to have to go to the dentist and have a root canal. I was sweetly reminded of my friend and her remedy. So, this morning I got up and did the peroxide/silver thing.

It does feel better ... I know that God is the healer, but He can and does use people and things to bring relief and healing sometimes. I'm praying for healing and doing what I can do...

I'll let you know how it turns out....


Saturday, October 10, 2009


I just want to say that God is Good! All the TIME!
His love endures forEVER and His mercies are new this morning and they are fresh.
I'm thankful. I'm praising. I'm glorifying God for all that He has done.

Just wanted to share that with you this morning.


Friday, October 9, 2009


We are changing seasons. Well, actually, I guess you could say that the season has changed. It is cooler and rainier. The leaves are falling. Our clothes are getting heavier. The days are getting shorter.

All these we expect and prepare for and some even look forward to these changes. I personally prefer summer. I love the sunshine and warmth and the freedom and the flowers.

But, we are taught in Ecclesiastes that there is a time and a season for everything. So, as with the weather, lives change, locations change, clothes change, people change.

I guess that because I have just turned 60, change is on my mind.

I always think of myself as being 23. Yeah - it's been a few years. But, that is just the age that is stuck in my mind.

I also think about who I am and have been and will be. My roll changes, depending on where I am and who I am with.

I am "momma", "grandmomma", "wife", "friend", "daughter", "sister", "c0-worker", "pastor's wife"...
I could also be a mentor, teacher, speaker, leader ...
I can also be someone in the need of ministry.

I have found that if I allow my "weakness" or "need" to be seen, then sometimes I am judged more critically and harshly. I have even been rejected and chastised.

So, it is easy to "pretend" that everything is okay and that I have all the answers and have it all together.

But, you know what - I don't and I'm not....

In this season of my life - it is hard. They call it the "sandwich" generation. I am calling it the "baloney" generation because it is hard and full of bull! (... an interesting fact I found out the other day when a friend sold a wild bull that they couldn't do anything with. I asked what they were going to do with him and was told they would make him into baloney since his meat would be tough and not taste good. )

In this season I'm facing some things that are not pleasant. They are things that I have no control over, yet they affect my life drastically. I don't have answers. I don't have it together. I'm in tears and devastated often. I have cried out for mercy and help. I have allowed myself to be vulnerable.

My solution when friends and family forsake me? I have been finding my strength in Jesus. He never leaves me nor forsakes me. I rejoice in the Lord - not for my circumstance, but IN it! His Word is true. His love and mercy are from everlasting to everlasting and new every morning.

The good news? It is still good news! My character is being built. I am growing in wisdom and grace. I am learning where my Strength lies - ONLY in Jesus.

In this, the most painful time of my life, I can rejoice and praise. I know my Redeemer lives and He has not forsaken me.

I WILL make it to the other side! I have seen the other side and I know it is wonderful and worth the battle!


(for those who are questioning - my marriage is wonderful and doing great! I am blessed by the man of God that is known as my "Hugsum".)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The 31st Anniversary... of my 29th Birthday

Well, this week sometime I am celebrating the 31st anniversary of my 29th birthday. If you do your math, you will figure out that I'm hitting 60!

I wonder how this happened. I don't feel this old. In my mind I still think of myself as 23. That is the age that pops up when asked how old I am. That is how old I was when I married Hugsum.

The tricky thing about my birthday is that I really don't know when it is. You see, I have 2 birth certificates. One is for the 7th and the other is for the 9th. However, I have always celebrated the 8th. That is when Mama said I was born. (after all, she was there)

Now, on the 7th certificate, my middle name is spelled wrong. On the 9th, my first name is spelled wrong. All of my legal documents are for the 8th.... with the correct spelling.

This never caused me any problems when I was young - except in school when the teachers never believed me that my birthday was on the 8th and made me wait until the 9th to celebrate. (Because that was the birth certificate that they had.) Mama just said they were wrong and didn't know what they were talking about. She assured me that my birthday was really on the 8th.

I know that at one time I had a birth certificate with the 8th and both names spelled correctly. However, there is not one anywhere to be found at this time in my life.

One birthday a few years ago Daddy sent me a card and he said that he remembered the day I was born. He was at the hospital and the doctor had not made it yet. I decided to come on out and so he actually delivered me. It was very special because back then, husbands were not allowed anywhere around the delivery. Then he went on to say that after I was born, he cleaned up and went on to church and preached. ( He is a Methodist preacher.)

I decided to see what day I was born and sure enough, the October 9, 1949 was on a Sunday!

I don't mind telling you that it shook me to the core. I was really confused. All these years (it was 55 by then) I had been celebrating my birthday on the 8th - only to find out I was born on the 9th!

So, what did that mean? Is my driver's license invalid? about my marriage license and my school records and my passport????? How in the world am I going to go back and have all this fixed?

I went to the county of my birth and requested a birth certificate. Yep... it came back with the 9th. I asked them to please check for the 7th and 8th... nope - nothing.

I have carried this secret for 5 years. I'm about to reach the age of drawing social security (if it is still around in 2 years). How am I going to prove who I am and that I truly did pay into it?

I still don't know why the confusion on my birthday. I know that I am the 3rd child, but....

Having been celebrating being a "Saturday's child has to work for a living" all my life I should be thankful to be "Sunday's child who is fair and wise". (or some versions say "bonnie and blythe and good and gay")

Anyway - it's no wonder I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.... I don't even know when I was born or how to spell my name!

I love my name (the one I've always used) and the spelling is unique. I have encountered many difficulties when giving my name or when people read it because it is almost always misspelled or mispronounced. That doesn't bother me as much as my own mama (who gave it to me) misspelling it at my birth and then not even remembering what day I was born.

The main thing is - I was born. I have a name and I do have parents who love me. I have been blessed! Now, we get to see how the SS office will handle me....

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flea Control


We have fleas. Not only our dog, but our house and yard. Not only our yard here, but our yard and house in "Oz".

Our poor little fella has been scratching and scratching. I have bathed and bathed him. His skin is raw... Last week I bathed him about 4 times with Dawn dish detergent and and a "good" flea shampoo. I let it stay on him for 10 minutes. I have bathed him twice this week.

I have used Frontline and Advantage (at different times) and NOTHING has worked to get rid of them.

If you knew how badly he HATES a bath, you would know that I have been torturing my dog. He shakes the entire time. When I get the sink cleaned out, he hides.

We have sprayed the yard heavily with a flea killer... I have sprinkled my house with a flea killer powder and vacuumed it.

Still, the same day (even a few minutes after his bath) he STILL has live fleas crawling all over him.

That means we have them all over our house and yard.... :( Even though I have not found any one me, I have been assured that only a small percentage of my flea population is on Andy.

So, today we went to the vet and got a pill. It is one that kills the fleas. I have added Brewers Yeast to his food and Apple Cider Vinegar to his water (1 teaspoon each). I have washed his bedding and am vacuuming. They say I have to vacuum the entire house (furniture and all that he touches) EVERY day! Also, I need to wash his bedding daily.

That is just for here. Not sure what we are going to do about our house in "Oz". I am only there one day a week... and do not have a vacuum cleaner.

I'll let you know how it goes... It has to get better! At least with the pill I can bathe him in a mild shampoo ... that should help!

Let me know your experiences, please.


Monday, October 5, 2009