Friday, January 11, 2008

Thirty Years Ago Today!

It is very hard to believe that 30 years ago I looked like this! It was taken in South Georgia. See the big tall pine trees?

Well, this was taken the day before son#2 was born. He will be 30 on Saturday.

Before he was born we knew he was a boy, we knew his name and we knew when he was to be born.

Mind you, this was not common in those days. Nobody had sonograms to see what sex the child was. It was not possible to know the sex or see the child before the birth of the child. Yes, it was in the dark ages!

BUT, the Holy Spirit paid me a visit. Hugsum had left in the middle of the night on a trip. After he left, the room filled with a cloud of glory. I could not open my eyes, but could see the cloud - hard to explain. I felt the Holy Presence. He brought such peace and love and joy. He said, "you are pregnant, it is a boy and his name is J- P-". Then He left.

The next morning when hugsum called I told him just that. He was not sure about it until he began to pray and the Holy Spirit confirmed it to him.

We were told many things about his life. We kept them close to our heart...

We are blessed by having a son such as J... He has been a blessing in so many ways. His love and gentle spirit just glow. He is a mighty man of God. He is a wonderful son, husband, and father. Happy Birthday!!!!


The LaBouffs said...

I like this picture. It's fun seeing you pregnant...back in the day, that is! I don't think it would be fun seeing you pregnant now...a little weird to even think about!

Lindsay said...

Bekas comment made me laugh.I love seeing this were a beautiful pregoo lady! and reading about your encounter with the holyspirit! awesome!

Jeffcoat House said...

That is awesome! I pray for those encounters regarding my own children. My mom has had one too! You look beautiful!!

MapmakerJenny said...

Wow! I see where Rebekah gets her beauty. She looks just like you in this photo.