Wednesday, July 23, 2008


...not wordless...

Today we are baking bagels! That is something that we have done for years and always brings smiles and happiness.

Many years ago a special friend invited me to her house to share something with me. I was not real sure what it was, but we always have fun and so I was excited just to go.

She also has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Three of our children share the same names - our "odd" named children were named for their daddies.

Not long after that, she moved to Colorado. Our friendship is still strong and we stay in contact - and even have some visiting planned.

but, I digress.... back to bagels.

She had learned from a relative (I think her sister-in-law) how to make bagels. There is a trick that you can't just write down, you have to see it and have it demonstrated. She showed me and making bagels became one of my family's favorite things to do. Even the boys got involved. One son asked me to show his wife (which, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't done yet).

When they would come home for the holidays, or special occasions, I tried to have homemade bagels - or when I came to visit, I'd try to bring some. They are the ultimate comfort food. Even though the process takes 2 full hours of constant "doing" - they are well worth it!

So last week Rebekah suggested that we make bagels this week as soon as she was through with her class. We planned Wednesday afternoon since her exam was scheduled for Wednesday morning. (She was through on Monday because she had like 107 average and so didn't have to take the exam - yeah, I'm proud)

So, we set it up for Wednesday while the kids are napping... we tried to work it so Sarah could come too since she LOVES bagels, but she had somethings at work and couldn't take off)

So, I'm on my way to make bagels... maybe I'll have pictures later. It's a great day!

Thank you , Sherry... you gave me a gift that is priceless and timeless and just keeps on giving!


Sarah said...

making bagels were not only some of the yummiest memories but, they were the sweetest too. I remeber feeling so important as I got to help and especially important when I got to eat a fresh one all buttered up straight out of the oven........oh my goodness....what a treat. I love my mom for making memories like this for me to have always.

Anonymous said...

Hey Merrie: I just read your blog ... are the bagels ready?!? I haven't made bagels in almost two years, and yes, they are definitely a comfort food! The last time I made them was right before Sarah left for Vietnam. I was thrilled she wanted to do that together before she left. She has taken over as the "official bagel maker" in the family. And, I was happy to bake them with her before she left. (And, by the way, hers are better than mine ... I take that as a compliment!) She has baked them since returning home and oh, yum, am I getting hungry for them just thinking about them!! I think I'll ask her to make some again! I was so happy to hear how you've carried on the bagel tradition in your family, too. I love that and I have a smile on my face just thinking about that. (And, yes, you were right ... one of my younger sisters-in-law taught me.) Sarah has also come up with a good way to make them partially whole wheat. If you make them completely whole wheat, they are really heavy. What a wonderful memory you invoked in me. I am still smiling!l :-) Love, Sherry

beverlydru said...

I want to learn! I love to putter in the kitchen. (That's what it is with me.) I wish I could come over and hang out for bagel lessons. I think you are a bit far for a day trip.

Macatee said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I remember the bagels!!! When I think of visiting y'all in Fla. I remember you having and me eating the bagels. I never knew that you made them I just remembering them being so YUMMY!!! OK if I ever make the trip to O.K. you have to show me how to make them.

Kate & Gabe said...

Those bagels look delicious! Now I want you to come to my house and teach me!!! :)

~Deanna (Rebekah's friend from ORU)