Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Story of The Tree

There was a tree. He was planted by the rivers of waters and his leaf did not wither and he produced lots of fruit. His roots went way down deep and he was not bothered by the winds or storms or things in life that came against him.

He knew who he was and it did not matter what anybody said or did to him. He was secure in being a tree.

He started out as a little nut, but he just continued to sink his roots down into the fertile soil (of the Word, I might add) and drink from the river (of Living Water). Soon, he had nice strong branches and roots.

Sometimes birds would build nests in his branches. They might poop on him and leave their trash around, but it did not bother Mr. Tree. He just let the wind (of the Holy Spirit) blow away the trash and the rain (Former and Latter) wash away the poop and grime and junk.

He did not care that some dumb, oh I mean, unknowing and illiterate people came by and wondered who he was and questioned his being and meaning. He did not care when people would talk about him and say they did not like what he produced. Sometimes people would even get mad at him for being there and threaten to cut him down. He was not offended when they did not receive his fruit. He just continued to grow and be himself.

He knew that he had been planted there for a reason and a season and he had a divine purpose. He was just who he was. It did not matter that people looked at him in the winter and thought he was ugly, or fussed in the spring when he began making a mess with his flowers and seeds all over the place. Nor, did he get full of pride and puffed up when people flocked to him to gather his fruit and to gaze at his beautiful colors in the fall. He KNEW that it does not matter what people say or do or think - it did not change who he is.

He did not have to yell and shout and proclaim, "I'm a nut tree!" He just was who he was and in time others saw his fruit and appreciated him and received from him.

Even if he wanted to be a different kind of tree - maybe a bigger and stronger one or maybe a smaller one that produced apples - it would not change his fruit. He would always be a nut tree. He would always produce nuts. He was able to be stronger and produce more nuts because he did not fight himself to be something else - or fight with others to prove who he was. He just quietly went about feeding and drinking and growing and being.

So, are you content with who you are? Are you trying to be something else? Are you trying to prove who you are to others?

Our strength lies in quietness and contentment.


the finchers said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom.I am learning how to just "be" in this new season I find myself. Often I find that we are sometimes tempted to desire what was or look so far ahead to what is to come, that we completely miss the joys and contentment of who and where and what we are at this very moment. So here's to embracing all that God has for us today........

Sarah said...

this should be a childrens book! Beka could illustrate it for you. WHat a great story. you could name it "am i nuts">>>