Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here is Andy....

He is our constant companion and loves to go. Here he is modeling our new comforter.

When we start loading the car to come up here for the weekend we have to be very careful. He will escape and try to "load up" earlier than he needs to.

He is a Yorkie with a puppy cut. The deal was, we would never have a "frufru dog" so I agreed to keeping him short. In Georgia, we called it the "Florida cut" because it was so hot and we loved to go to the beach. The sand didn't get caught in it so badly.

He loves to ride, loves to be where ever we are and will eat anything. One of his favorite treats is cantaloupe. I put some in my breakfast bowl every day just for him and he follows me around expecting me to "accidentally" drop some on the floor.

He has taken a back seat to the grandkids. He gets a little "testy" with them when they get rough. He snaps, but doesn't really bite them - more puts his mouth over their hand without biting down. He's great for licking the sticky off their faces and "vacuuming" up whatever they drop.

He does not like to take a bath and hides when we say "Andy, you need a BATH". He is so funny. He has sort of enjoyed the pool. Especially when it was so hot and we didn't have any a/c. Here he is taking a ride on the boat..


The LaBouffs said...

He is THE cutest dog....even if he does act like a grumpy old man sometimes!

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

Oh, he is The Cuteness, too! Look at him floating around! Zoe hides at bath time, too. They are smart little boogers.