Monday, July 14, 2008

Air Conditioning, where are you???

Well, our trusty a/c man came this morning and replaced the very expensive evaporation coils. He was about to replace the freon when he decided to test it.
There are TWO HUGE (so he says) leaks in the copper tubing that runs through the concrete slab.
So, we are waiting for approval again for it to be fixed.
WHY do they put the stuff that will need fixing in concrete? When I become a builder, I will certainly try to figure out a better, easier, less expensive way.
I suppose that when the house was built about 30 years ago they never dreamed that the stuff would leak, and if it did, surely the concrete would prevent it from really leaking.... at least that's what I'm thinking they were thinking - IF they were, indeed thinking!
Don't know how long it will be this time. But, you know, I love my home so much that even if I had known this before we moved in, I would have still done it.
Sort of like after 35 years of marriage , knowing all the hot and cold problems and things that needed fixing - yeah, I'd have still married him... It's a good feeling... contentment ... knowing that I made the right decision.

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beverlydru said...

Sounds like you got that peace right back. That peace that passes understanding and makes you think about cool waters.

Thanks for your comment. I have heard pastors say that people who come for counselling don't usually want counsel... just someone to agree with them. Same as people who ask for truth and don't want it at all. How frustrating.

I will keep my sense of humor, walk in love, and not ask anyone if I look fat in my outfit! I might get the truth. LOL