Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday Random Things... maybe 3 or maybe 13..

1. I'm hot
2. Our a/c has been promised to be fixed today - I've lost count of the HOT days we have experienced without a/c
3. It is not how we really want it to be fixed - we want the copper hidden and not exposed down the side of the house (we are praying for God to intervene and have it fixed "right")
4. I have set the dates for the garage sale
5. We have planned a trip to Georgia to visit my parents the around the last week of August
6. Our 35th anniversary is next Monday
7. I've been grumpy - this heat thing is getting old... it is best not to cross me much (not that ANYbody would ;) )
8. We are making progress on getting the garage cleaned out and the cars parked in there. I can actually imagine a car there now. What a novel idea - use the garage... hummm to park a car in... wow, that will be nice!
9. We (he) upgraded our internet to be faster today and it included a land line! Imagine that. We will have a house phone. That means we have to go BUY a phone. (since when did cable companies start doing phones too???? yeah, I'm way out of touch with the world)
10. I actually miss our satelite tv.
11. One of my goals is to learn to cook Greek food.
12. One of hugsums goals is for me to cook- anything!
13. I did a whole post (almost) without talking about my grandchildren!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Great post!! I DREAM of the day that I can park a car in my garage. With four boys---and in Florida where there are no attics or basements----we store everything in there.

My DH travels to Oklahoma now to coach some churches there. It's amazing how small the world is, isn't it???

:-) Susan