Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Really???? Who's the Parent here???

Maybe I'm from the old school, but I believe that the parent is the one who is the "boss" or the one who should make the decisions for the children until they are able to make wise ones themselves.

I went to the dentist. When I walked into the waiting room there was a mom and a son. The mom was reading a magazine in the corner. The son, who was maybe 10 or 12 (they said he was small for his age) was sprawled out over an entire sofa! He had the remote to the tv and had it turned up real loud so you could not carry on a conversation. He also had it on some very strange weird cartoons that were very dark and evil.

The mother said she didn't like that cartoon and why was he watching it. She didn't want him to. Well, he proceeded to argue with her and continue to watch it. He never changed it and she never mentioned it again. When it was over (thank goodness!) he turned it off and then went to lie on the OTHER sofa next to his mother.

He proceeded to say he was tired and wanted to go home and take a nap. He had been up only an hour according to his mother. He had been to church camp, and was to start football camp the next week. He argued and complained about having to get up and go. He did not want to eat what she had planned for lunch or supper and did not eat breakfast because he did not like what she fixed.

I wanted to take him and do some attitude adjustment. When did we, as mother's, start thinking that it is more important to be our children's FRIEND instead of their PARENT?

Don't we realize that our GOD given responsibility and authority should not be taken lightly? We need to stand our ground and train up our children to be mighty men and women of God. We need to discipline and guide them into godly character. A child left to himself will bring shame and sorrow to his parents.

Well, I just wanted to get that off my chest. I did not say a word at the dentist, I bit my tongue and it hurt!

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