Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things We Are Selling next weekend...

Today Beka came over and we began to price some things for our garage sale next weekend.

1. Curtain rods and blinds
2. Ice Trays

3. Very nice Fireplace set with Jade handles and base - it came with the house, but since we have gas logs, we don't need to "poke the fire"

4. Candle Lights from Beka's wedding

5. Dreamsicles - emotional ties and hard to sell

6. Sheets, pillowcase and blankets, curtains (to go with all the curtain rods)

7. Mantle Clock

8. TV and computer stuff

9. Octagonal End Table

10. Pictures

11. Lots of nicnacs and kitchen things

12. Shell Floor Lamp (this one is hard to let go... LOTS of beach memories!)

13. Silk flowers - (some real "beauties" and some REAL beauties) okay, so LOTS of silk flowers - bunches that you can't even see ...

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