Friday, July 11, 2008

Air Conditioning

If you are where it is cool... be thankful!
Our a/c went out for the 2nd time this week! (making it the 6th or 7th time since we moved here in May)
Monday night we noticed it was rather warm in the house so we called and put in an order for someone to come. We were told it would be Wednesday before they could come. Fortunately, he came about 4:45 Tuesday and "fixed"it.
Today (Friday) as I was getting ready, I noticed that I was very warm. Today I got to keep Noah, Kendall and Kate so I was very excited to have the cousins together.
They got more and more agitated as the temperature rose higher and higher. So, we called again and the man came out and looked.
Yes, just looked....
Did I mention that about 3 this morning we heard a huge loud noise that woke us both out of a sound sleep? I went and looked in the garage thinking that a can of spray paint had exploded. There was a strange smell that we did not recognize.
We are learning more and more about what can and will go wrong with air conditioners.
Well, the evaporation coils have gone bad. I really don't know what that means except it is very expensive to replace/repair and it makes the house HOT. (also thankful that I'm not going to hell - I don't like hot and sweat!)
Thank GOD that our real estate agent worked for us and recommended that we get the Home Owners Warranty Insurance!!!! They will have to pay for the repair and replacement of what EVER is wrong. Oh what a relief it is... (and will be much more so when it is repaired!)
Also, thank God that we get to go north to our second home for the weekend and hopefully on Monday, the part will be in and our a/c repaired.
So, Kendall and Noah went home to take a nap in their cool house.
Kate is here sound asleep on my bed with the ceiling fan on high and the floor fan directly on her. She is the coolest person around! Her mom will get her in a little while and she can go home to a/c as well.... I may go jump in the pool and veg!

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The LaBouffs said...

Well, Murphy's Law needs to be broken! We're praying for a new air conditioning altogether so that you don't have to deal with this EVER again! Sheesh! What a nightmare it's been!