Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fun Pictures from the Summer

Riding on the horseFireplace s just the right height for Kate
Precious baby Grace

Getting in just the right position to sunbathe Now if the sun will get to me under the porch I'll get the perfect tan!
Kendall is "rocking" Noah to sleep ...
Let's see what we can find...
Ride 'um cowboy!

Kendall with her "night night" Notice the technique of holding it with her middle finger and the angle of the hand and thumb..Noah, cheesing it up
Bathing beauty cheesing
Noah taking a nap with his favorite night night
Kendall walking in grandmama's shoes
Have you ever had chocolate animal crackers???? boy are they good - see?

Ring around the rosey, basket full of Kendall
I don't know WHO that old woman is with those cute kids - looks like she got out of the pool and forgot to fix her hair!


The LaBouffs said...

What cute kids...of course I'm a little bias :)

Anonymous said...

hehe... yeah, they are cute kids! i wonder where they got those really really nice "night night" blankets. i'm sure someone that loves them VERY much made them just for them. i'll bet it brings her much pleasure to see that they love them.

The LaBouffs said...

Yeah, they DO love their 'night-night' blankets! I know how much work and love goes into each one that "Grandmomma" makes for them so I wanted them to love them! They are so soft and THE perfect night night :)

Sarah said...

my favorite picture is "HI". That one just made me laugh. Don't get me wrong the other kids/pictures are cute, but my oh my...the random Hi in the middle of anything is just plain ole funny.

Anonymous said...

speaking of old woman... looks like she doesn't have any teeth! but, her feet look nice!