Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Parsonage - explained

First, a "parsonage" is the place where the Pastor and his/her family lives. It is provided by the church they are serving. In South Georgia, where we served for over 20 years, the parsonages also had furniture in them. Some were VERY nice... some were, ummm shall we say, needing improvement.

We were blessed by our parsonages, and thankful for them.

When we moved out west, the parsonage was provided, but not furnished. So, I finally had the opportunity to acquire furniture. That was fun and stressful and expensive. I'm still working on finding what I really want... I had to settle for some things so we would have a place to sleep, put our clothes, sit, etc...

We served a wonderful place for a year and figured out that we were still 3 and half hours away from the reason we moved this way and took a 50% cut to begin with... They were not able to visit us and we were not able to visit them. So, we prayed and decided that we could retire and buy a house close to our children and grandchildren. Our heart's desire is to be a part of their lives.

In the process, hugsum also realized that we need to eat. He offered his services to the conference here and they appointed him to a part-time charge with two churches. They have a parsonage, but we do not live in it, we just come up for the weekend. It is bare bones, as far as what is in it, and we are more "camping" there.

That is why I call it my "weekend parsonage". We actually live an hour and half from our churches. He goes up once or twice a week for meetings or to visit or handle business. I stay home and play with grandbabies. Then on the weekend - usually Saturday morning, we head up north.

Last weekend I stayed home thinking that Posey would make her appearance. She didn't. BUT, we know for sure that she will be here on Monday the 22nd... Rebekah is being induced.

So, pray for a speedy delivery and healthy baby girl! I get to keep the other two after Posey is born - until they come home from the hospital.

Yes, we are excited!

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beverlydru said...

Merrie, What an interesting arrangement. I'm glad you are a flexible lady. (A "must" in the characteristics of a pastor's wife). More important than playing the piano or being sweet. We had a dinner after church yesterday and as I prepared my food I thought of your last post. I usually take the same thing. I please the children with simple desserts like cookies or brownies. And I make standards that are never new recipes - proven dishes that everyone likes. One of mine is squash casserole. Maybe I'll post that this week in Sat. Stirrings. : ) Maybe none of the other ladies in our church struggle with crazy episodes in the kitchen but I sure do! Prayers for Rebekah today!