Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Trust... it keeps running through my head and revelation at different levels.

I was thinking about flying in a helicopter. I am not a real risk taker. In fact, I'm a chicken when it comes to doing adventurous things. I don't like scary. So, for me to ride in a small air craft without doors was a real stretch.

I kept asking myself WHY would I so willingly jump at the opportunity to do such a thing.

Then I realized it was because of who the pilot was, someone that I love and I know that he loves me. My nephew, who is very competent and well trained. I trusted him completely with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and me!

I was perfectly comfortable and did not worry one bit about what he as doing. I knew that he had much more knowledge than I did about flying and so I didn't question him.... just trusted and enjoyed the ride.

Our walk with Jesus should be the same...
He certainly knows much more than we do about what is going on and how to handle it.
He loves us and we love Him.
We can trust Him to take care of us and handle whatever comes our way and know that it is for our best interest - to protect and bless us....

What a relief that is! Now, I can relax and trust Him to take care of me and enjoy the ride we call "life"...

(that does not mean that we don't do and work where He tells us, it just means that we don't have to worry and fret)

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

This is a great lesson that I have a hard time tranferring from my head to my heart sometimes.

Have a great day Merrie!