Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ugh! Some days!
I finally went to get my hair done today. It had been a VERY long time (since July) that I had it cut and colored. The roots had gotten really bad!

Being "old school" when my roots begin to show, I feel like a bleach blond tramp... I know that is not even thought of anymore - except maybe in my generation. But, it really bothers me for my roots to show and they had gotten almost 3 inches!

I guess since I had waited so long to go the last time and then again this time it had really lost its shape and style. I normally go every 6 weeks - not wait MONTHS! Plus, since I have a "new" stylist he didn't know how I like my hair. I didn't think to be real explicit. Normally, they just automatically cut my hair in a good style for me - short layers. I did say I want it SHORT....

Anyway, the color is great! He does the best job on color I've had for a long time. I am not having to fight with the gold/brass undertones. He is good there.

The cut is good... it just is not what I wanted... but after being there so long and my contacts bothering me, and I didn't look at the back... well... I'm just not happy with it.

Of course, I never really like the way they style it so I go home and refix it the way I like it...

I mean, I guess it is my fault for not telling him that I wanted it more layered and not all the same length.... not in a bob (is that even a style now?)

I ALWAYS put it be hind my ears... not matter how it is cut, it goes behind my ears.

What do you do? Should I go back and have him recut it? Do I repay him, or expect him to do it for free? Do I just live with it another few weeks and next time make sure I tell him how I want it?

Is hair a problem for anybody else? I struggle daily with mine!


Beverlydru said...

Hi Merrie! To me, one of the most VITAL people to find when you move is a good stylist. Hair is easy when you've got that. The last time we moved, it took me awhile to find that person and my hair was awful. Since your guy did a great job on the color (major plus), I would call him and tell him what's going on. I would be willing to pay him to cut it again, but he may not charge you. I'm thinking communication is the issue here, so I'd work with him and see. With your smile and kindness, it should go well. Let us know. Hair is important!


I think she's right. If you have the never, me I just let it grow and am more explicit the next time, to tell him you wanted it layered. Since you were not more explicit I think paying him is fair. But to get a good colorist (is that a word) is worth a lot.