Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Five Ways Blogging Has Affected My Life

My friend through the bloggy world, Maggie at Magnanimity, tagged me to do this meme.

Five Ways Blogging Has Affected My Life:
wow... this has made me think and evaluate all this blogging - so here go my answers...

1. It has opened my world. I have made "friends" from all over. I see things from a different perspective and different parts of the world. I get to experience their world. Pray for them, encourage them, laugh at them... just enjoy being "friends"... getting to know others and their lives and part of the world and how they experience things.

2. It has at times consumed me. I feel like I could easily become addicted because I want to read what my friends are saying. One click leads to another click, to another click and a comment and then a new friend and on and on.... If I'm not careful hours have passed and I have not moved anything but my fingers!

3. It has reconnected me with friends (like Mandy - Just A Girl). It has also allowed me to share my life with friends and family who do not live close. Even people who do not blog themselves, read my blog and email me.

4. It has helped me look at the world in a different way. I see things as blog "material" rather than just "interesting" or "funny" or "informational"... I now think, "I should blog about that!" I hope that I have become more discerning and thoughtful about things. Sometimes as I type something I "see" an attitude - I have "exposed" myself to me and I can deal with it - repent or ask forgiveness or change. I also have become aware of how what I say may come across and effect someone else... will it hurt, or offend or embarrass?

5. It has made me more aware of my grammar and spelling inadequacies.

I'm supposed to tag someone. I tag YOU! Have fun!


Beverlydru said...

I could just copy your 5 answers over at my blog and they would speeak for me too. LOL. I won't do that but I will say "Yes. That describes blogging perfectly." People do look at me stragely when I describe my friend in "wherever" that I talk to every day but we've never actually met in person.; )

mandy said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no joke! I love that last one especially! Great list...and well said! i"m glad to have met you!