Thursday, September 18, 2008

on being a "Wonderful Cook!"

Okay, so this is Friday... the THIRD Friday of the month to be exact.
On the third Friday we have a covered dish fellowship meal. Then, on the third Sunday we have another of the same at a different church.

These are always delicious and I come away VERY full! However, they are also a challenge to me. Besides trying to come up with a dish, I am gas oven challenged. I have a gas oven in my weekend home/parsonage. I do not have a clue how to turn it on. I turn the knob on the stove top and the burner comes on. I turn the knob for the oven and nothing.... no flicker, no smell, no flame, no warmth.

Last month I half baked some Cowboy cornbread at home planning to finish the process up there and have it nice and hot and bubbly and the crowds would oooooooooohhhhh and aaaaaaaahhhhh at the beauty and flavor and creativity of my humble offering.

So, we get up there and I begin the process of turning on the oven to preheat... yeah, it didn't work. I made a call to someone who has a gas oven and was told - just turn the knob and it will come on.... nope - didn't work. I got hugsum in there to work with it... hot it did not get...

So, I had a brilliant idea, I could go to the church early and use their oven! Now why didn't I think of that earlier - before I got all steamed up? A very simple solution you'd think, right? No way, Jose!

It is a HUGE commercial oven and no one there knew how to turn IT on either. (what is this world coming to, anyway?) So, someone said... why don't you cook it in the microwave????

HUH? cook CORNBREAD in the MICROWAVE???? I mean, it needs to be browned!!!! It needs to look healthy and delicious and good, appetizing...

Okay, so after much hedging it got cooked in the microwave and looked a little anemic. Everyone was very kind and took some, a small helping, but they took it while asking..."WHAT is this?"

I sort of wanted to fade into the background and not say anything.... but, a dear sweet soul announced, "oh, the pastor's wife brought it - I don't know WHAT it is!".... again - desiring to fade away and find a hole, even climb into the huge oven and hide... I smiled sweetly (since I can't play the piano) and said, "Oh, it is Cowboy Cornbread, and it is so good! You really MUST try it!" Then slithered into a corner hoping no one would get sick.

This time, I'm taking a refrigerated dessert. I know the refrigerators are working. I sure hope that it turns out good since I don't remember making it ever before and it is a new recipe...

If it is good, I'll share the recipe.

Hope your weekend is great. I'm not sure if I'll have internet this weekend. The last 4, I have not been able to connect. We are expecting Posey to make her debut on Monday. Yeah, we are excited. Her mom has all the details worked out and child care covered for her other 2. I'll keep you posted and have pictures too! Thanks for your prayers for a healthy baby and easy delivery!


The LaBouffs said...

I bet the dessert will be delicious! In the meantime, you might want to have the oven checked out! Maybe there IS something(besides the ugly curtains and dingy blinds) that the parsonage committee can do!


Someone I knew had a store and when you wanted the over on there was another button you pushed. Also, my in-laws I think, had a stove where you had to turn the knob farther than you'd expect and hold it there til it lit. And, of course, there could be a problem with the over itself. Looking forward to hearing about baby Posey.

Susan said...

Awww..don't you love it when they peg the PW??? It didn't take long for our congregations to learn that their PW did NOT cook. I'm sure there was some great dinner table conversations among some wondering just HOW my family was cared for...OH WELL!

I can't believe that your oven doesn't work! And can you explain the weekend parsonage? Are you guys on a two point charge? I may have missed that somewhere.

Praying for all in your family.




I've become obsessive. I keep checking back to see if Posey is here yet...

On another note...Maybe Steve could do a teaching on spiritual gifts and include that there is not one falled "Pastor's Wife".

Cal said...

So funny and so typical of small church life. I love reading your stories.