Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Pastor's Wife

A couple answered the "call" to the ministry. It was a second career for Bob. His wife Julie was expressing her fears of being a pastor's wife to her mother.

Her mother was surprised and asked "WHY?" Julie explained that she did not know how to play the piano!

Her mother said, "It's okay Julie, you can be SWEET."

Years later Julie said, "There were many times it would have been easier to learn to play the piano!"


Beverlydru said...

Hmmm - this couple sounds kind of familiar! Wouldn't be anyone I know would it??

After I commented yesterday on southern accents, I wanted to tell you about my friend at church that moved to the Deep South (Georgia) from England when she was 18. Her hybrid accent is a hoot.

The Preacher's Wife said...


Merrie said...

I changed the names to cover for the fact that I copied this story from a cookbook written by Pastor's wives in Texas. There are lots of fun, true, funny stories in there.

It is not me, but it COULD be... not lately, of course!

Susan said...

AMEN! That's just funny! I remember when DH interviewed at one church while in seminary. The committee asked me, "What do you DO?" I said, "I teach school." They reiterated the question: "No, what do you DO? Do you play the piano? Sing?" I replied: "I think you're hiring my husband, not me." Needless to say, he didn't get the job!