Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's and Birthday Wishes...

I'm a little late in posting yet ANOTHER birthday wish! Yikes, I have gotten so bad this year! I missed our 2nd son's birthday on Jan 12, our oldest son's on Jan 31. I did get grandson #1 covered, but then I missed our youngest daughter's birthday on Feb 14. Yep, she was a Valentine baby.

Here is a picture when she came home from the hospital. Stephen had just turned 6, John 3, Rebekah was about 18 months old... Sarah was my gift of love. Now, she has a baby! At the time this picture was taken, I did not dream of my life and how full it would be... nor could I ever imagine that these four would grow up and have children of their own. But, they did!

I hope that you all had a very good Valentine's day. We were in Oz, of course. On Valentine's eve we went to a special dinner given in the "Cowboy Capital" of Lenepah. It was a nice, different night. A local evangelist put on the event. He gave gifts to everyone and lots of prizes and provided the meal. He did not take up an offering or ask for money.

That night there were about 100 people in attendance. A poll was taken and gifts given to the couples married the longest. There were 2 couples there married over 64 years. Also, 8 couples there married over 50 years!!!! Imagine!!! Not only are these people living a long good life in mind, and body, but also in love and marriage! We were so amazed! Lest you think it was only old people, there was also a prize given for a couple married the shortest time ( about a year). There were lots of little kids running around in their cowboy boots and hats. Even the most well coiffed ladies with fancy sweaters, jackets and blouses had on their jeans and boots...

Sunday morning we had a couple in church who celebrated their 65th anniversary! Like I said, these people have a secret to a long and happy life!

About Valentines Day.... We have a long standing tradition of celebrating. Hugsum always out does himself. He loves to give cards and I get many. He has been known to give roses and candy and diamonds. I love them, but have finally told him not to give candy (PLEASE)! Flowers are hard to carry on trips and hide, so I knew they were not an option.

My favorite gifts are normally just cash... just give me money, honey! That way, I can shop and get good deals and have the fun of the hunt....

But, I need to backtrack. During the summer I got a mini stepper at a garage sale. I paid $5. It sat right in front of my computer. I stood on it most of the day. I had really toned up and loved it. The grandkids also really enjoyed playing on it (of course, supervised) and Posey stood on one side and I would do the other side up and down. She learned to say "uuuuuuuppppppp, dnnnnnnn". (so cute!)

Well, one sad day, I was diligently stepping away when a crunching sound occurred along with a sinking feeling. Yeah, it died. I didn't feel so bad because, like I said, I only paid $5.... then I started trying to find another one on Craigslist. I was not able to find one. Well, I did, but it was $40 - used and the person lived out of town.

I had not mentioned to Hugsum that I wanted another one. I just quietly looked for one. I just really REALLY did want one. I missed it. I had begun to gain weight. I am great at "working out" at home. (I say that very loosely - the working out part). The point is, I will not go anywhere to work out. I just don't enjoy changing clothes that much - nor do I enjoy showing off my athletic "ability" in public for others to laugh. I will, however, exercise in the privacy of my home in my own clothes (gown) for no one else to see.

So, I got up Valentines morning and there by my computer in Oz was a box... yep! Hugsum had replaced my mini stepper with a BRAND NEW ONE!!!! He knew! He figured it out! WOW.... he really did score big!

It has found it's home in front of my computer. Fits perfectly. It makes the trip back and forth to Oz. That is the beauty of it. It is light and portable.

What a wonderful day I had... then today we took the day off and just hung out together. We ate lunch at Cosi, went to the movie (finally got to see Blindside) and then stopped at Pei Wei and picked up our supper.

Great day! Great Valentines Day! Great Hugsum!

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