Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hog??? and More Snow!

Who gave this illustrious Ground Hog permission to determine OUR weather???? I'm rebelling and complaining! I mean, really... I refuse to believe and accept his decision about winter! If he had been here, we would not have seen his shadow! It is cloudy and no sun around soooooo we have no shadows.

I'm really tired of winter. I have had enough snow ... as beautiful and peaceful as it is, it is a real bother!

Here is my back yard.... my pool ... my chairs to layout and get a nice tan ... my table where I can sit and enjoy the sun and warmth ... NOT at this time!!! I was really hoping to get there soon.

This is my blueberry bush and my rosemary. My other blueberry bush stayed covered up like a good boy. (I say boy because it is "blue" - duh!) Do I dare hope and believe that the one covered in snow will survive and produce delicious blueberries??? It already had buds on it!

Under my patio was even covered with snow! Wanna swing with me? I don't think so for awhile! The slide was even covered in ice and snow. So much for "protecting" it from the weather...

This is the back fence with the remains of my summer garden. Nice coverage of snow all over the fence and chicken wire, don't you think? My strawberries under the Rose of Sharon are covered in snow. The good thing I learned is that the snow adds nitrogen to the ground. It makes the grass and plants grow and produce. I'm standing on that promise!

This is a tree in our neighbor's yard. It was leaning against their house. Glad it leans THAT way! It was really pretty, though. All the trees in the neighborhood were beautiful. The snow was not so heavy and didn't destroy them.

We are extra blessed. We did not lose power or water like they did in other parts of the state. Where we lived before was hit very bad! They are on day 6 without power and water. Hard to carry on life that way! They need an extra prayer for grace and mercy and patience. Also workers to fix their problems!

I pray that your winter is short (despite what ye ole' ground hog saw) and that you see and experience a thawing and warmth soon.


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Susan said...

The pictures are so beautiful! I pray though, that you all have an early spring and will look forward to the yard pics then:)