Monday, February 1, 2010

New Age!

He is a big FOUR years old! My first grandchild....

Yes, the picture is right... I was leaning over the chair and he smiled up at me. THAT smile melts my heart!

He is such a big four years old! Here he is holding his newest cousin. So sweet - both of them! Oldest and youngest together...

I still vividly remember "the" call. It was June. We were moving 6 hours away from our daughter. "Our" plan was to move closer to them in Charleston, S.C. Instead, we moved all the way across Georgia away from them. It was a hard drive.

We had our stuff in a truck and were staying in the motel waiting for "Moving Day". We were walking around Lake Loretta in Albany, Georgia. It was a beautiful day and we were about to go around the bend into the overhanging trees. My cell phone rang and I answered. We were calmly talking like everything was normal. Then she said, "guess who's pregnant?". I innocently asked, "who?". Then my world changed forever! She said, "ME!!!!!"

I stopped in my tracks and began to sob. Of course, Hugsum didn't know what to think, so I handed the phone to him. Then it began to pour! RAIN!!!!! (so much like Georgia summers)

We ran to the covering of the trees and did a happy dance!

Noah has been such a joy and blessing to us. He has such a sweet spirit. He is a wonderful big brother to his 2 little sisters. He helps and laughs and plays. His imagination is fun.

I was blessed to be there when he was born. I got to see that little fella take his first breath. He changed my world. He took me to the next level... no longer was I just "momma"... he made me a GRANDmomma!

Yeah... my life has never been the same since!


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