Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Age...

Today is Noah's 4th birthday! He is so proud and so big! He is my first grandchild!

I can still remember "the" call. We were in the middle of a move. We had thought we were moving closer to our daughter and then found we were moving another 4 hours farther away! Not only from her, but from everyone in the family!

We had our truck loaded and we were staying in a motel until "moving day". We had a couple of days and we were enjoying our time. Hugsum and I were walking around Lake Loretta in Albany when my phone rang. We were about to reach the area that is lined with overhanging trees. My daughter called and we were just nonchalantly talking when she said, "oh, guess who's pregnant!". I innocently asked, "who?". She said, "ME!!!"

I immediately began to cry. Hugsum couldn't figure out what was wrong and so I handed him the phone for her to tell him. We began laughing and crying and jumping around.

It began to rain and we ran under the trees and did the happy dance. We danced and laughed and skipped around the lake talking and dreaming about our wonderful new grandchild.

He changed my life. He rocked my world. He took me to a whole 'nother level... He changed me from just "momma" to GRANDmomma! Yeah... it is a wonderful place to be.

He is a sweet caring, loving grandson. He gets so excited and appreciates everything. What a fun fella he is! What a blessing and joy and pleasure! He is so loved!

He had to grow up quickly because before he was 3, he had 2 little sisters. Now, he is a wonderful help and so sweet and gentle with the little ones. Here he is loving his newest little cousin. Here are my oldest and youngest grandchildren together!

I'm very blessed to have seven grandchildren. I love them all and have been just as excited and blessed by the announcement of each one. They add so much joy and love to our lives!

Happy Happy Birthday to grandson #1!!!


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