Monday, February 1, 2010


Pretty little church close to Oz

The freezing fog... made beautiful trees... if you look closely you can see an oil well pumping away.

The road on the way to Oz... most of it was pretty clear, but this section had not been scraped and so was still snow over ice. A car pulled around us and then a little further up we saw him spinning around and around before coming to a stop facing the wrong direction. Yeah, they were shaken up pretty bad and drove off much slower!

Along the expressway..... Kids were using this area to go sledding and play in the snow.

The fence in my backyard on Friday afternoon after just a few hours of snow!

We were very blessed and did not lose power at home or in Oz. We had church "as normal" even with the ice in the parking lots...
God is good!
His blessings are forever!



Lazy Daisy said...

We got about 8 inches this weekend. We lived in Savannah, Ga for 17 years so I'm a Georgia girl myself. Our grandson is named Oscar and I call him Oz. Loved your pictures and could relate to your mid line panic. Too funny on the saltines, sounds like my Mr. Wonderful.

Thanks for the invite. I would hate to lose contact now that I've met you.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! snow!

Thanks for the invite!

Have a great week!