Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Threes

Today I'm posting threes...

Three things for which I'm thankful!
1. My husband - he takes care of me and provides for me and loves to eat out as much as I do. When we don't eat out, he is happy with not much cooking!
2. My girls - they let me play with their children as much as I want. They share their lives with me. They bless me.
3. The hope of spring and warmth and sunshine!

Three things I love!
1. Cookies... I made some last night and I have been enjoying them too much!
2. A little coffee in my creamer.... not much of a coffee fan, but I do love creamer - flavored. I don't feel so right drinking just creamer, so I add a little coffee to justify my addiction to creamer.
3. My Toyota... it is my favorite car to drive. On weekends we take Hugsum's car and if I go anywhere, I have to drive it. Many times, I won't go someplace just because I don't like to drive his car. It is big. It is paid for. (so is mine, but it is much more fun to drive!)

Three things I'm addicted to
1. My grandchildren. I miss them when I don't see them and my heart just aches. I NEED to see them and spend time with them. They just lift my spirits and nourish me! Does good to the heart!
2. Love... I need to be loved or I wither away
3. Jesus and His Word and love and acceptance and redemption and restoration and healing... and on and on... without Him, I'm nothing!

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