Monday, February 8, 2010

More Monday!

We are getting MORE snow! As I speak, it is snowing huge snowflakes and they are sticking! They are pretty - I'll give them that. They are all different and special... yeah, yeah, yeah.... I can only take so much special!

Thanks to Mr. Groundhog, I have 5 more weeks... (and one day) from his prediction of extended winter. Can I say, that I'm REALLY looking forward to spring??? Okay, so that is a given!

I'm sure that there is some wonderful spiritual insight I could receive from all this snow and weather we have been having. ... one that is better than "hope (of warmer spring weather) makes the heart sick"!

Or... "there is a time and season..."...

So, on this Monday morning, I need more... I need more grace, more hope, more truth, more sunshine, more Sonshine, more love, more patience, more faith...

That reminds me of a message I heard last night... Jesus is with me, God is at the bottom (no matter where that is) and I have been given enough faith for this (whatever I'm going through)...

Yes, I can live in that ... I can decide and determine to enjoy my life where I am - in the midst of a snow storm with three little ones running around loving me.

God is good... I think I need more hugs and kisses ... I need more of Jesus ... I need more Word ... I need more .... MUCH more!

What about you? Are you satisfied with life now? What do you need more of?


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