Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fours

Four of my favorite things in my home today that make me smile!

Four of my grandchildren. The oldest and the youngest - and 2 in-between ... Noah is 3, Posey is 16 months old, Kendall is 2 and Ethan is one month old today! Yes, they make me smile!

These four things I use all the time! The scissors sharpener, Rada knife, Cutco knife and Rada chopper are some of my all time favorites! The Rada items were bought from the Women's group in Glennville. The Cutco knife is actually a replacement for a knife that was in a set my daddy gave mama more than 50 years ago. The scissors sharpener is a new item, but I use it lots!

These are four of the special toys that are always with the kids. They make naptime pleasant and secure!

This is a set of four dish clothes that I love. They are super absorbant and keep their nice bright SPRING colors. I actually bought 4 sets last spring at Walmart for 50 cents a set! I love that they are so colorful and cheerful!

Thanks for stopping by... see you again soon!

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