Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Saturday!

YAY!!!! So, it is Saturday! YIPPEEEE!!!! and HALLELUJAH!

Yeah, I'm pretending to be excited. I'm naming this "Super Saturday" because it is the day before the Super Bowl...

Yeah... I could not care less about football, baseball, (you could just say "sports").... that along with LOST or American Idol... or the reality shows...

Please don't stone me. I just don't get it. WHY put myself through all that trauma and emotion and drama when my own life has enough of it's own????

The only reason that I even have the slightest interest in the Super Bowl is the "Super Bowl PARTY!!!!"

We started having Super Bowl parties waaaaaaayyyyyy back when...

Hugsum would go and get special snacks back then. We had a VERY little bit of money and so it could be as simple as popcorn and a candy bar. It then developed into a full blown snack feast.

Some of my favorite family Super Bowl memories involve another family, the Osgoods. They have 4 children also and we introduced them to the Super Bowl Party. Those were some special precious times.

They moved to the city of our favorite team and coach and they carried on the tradition out there.

We have celebrated in some form or another every year.

Today, I'm heading to Oz. The traditional prep will have to be done by our daughter. We will gather here tomorrow afternoon and begin the celebration of food! It rivals Christmas in the anticipation of goodies...

Hope you have a great weekend and celebrate BIG! May your team win - it doesn't matter to me - just make sure you save me some dip!


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