Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Who Knew?" Wednesday

When we bought our house a couple of things came with it that I really didn't care about, a pond and a bird feeder. In fact, several of the houses we looked at boasted of a "koi pond". My thoughts were ... "WHY? would anyone want a koi (goldfish) pond?????" In my wildest dreams I never imagined wanting one - or caring about it...

Well.... who knew???

The former owners left us a gift of goldfish in our pond.

I said "thank you", but was not real excited, really, I mean - something else to feed and take care of and besides in the winter when it ices and snows... what about these fish??? Would they freeze to death? I found out that at 55 degrees they go into hibernation and go to the bottom of the pond for the winter... WHO knew these things???

I have gotten attached to those fish. Every day I go out with the grandkids and feed the fish and watch them eat and swim around. I have gotten more and count them everyday to make sure they are all there.

The bird feeder is old and not real attractive, but our daughter found it a stuck it in front of our dining room windows. So, I felt obligated to get some seed so Papa and Noah could put it out for the birds. (having had cats for a long time, i really didn't expect them to come around. Much to my surprise, I find myself watching for the birds. We have a couple of sets of redbirds and a bunch of other little birds that flock (yes, pun intended) to the feeder.

I realized that since we are "retired" we are taking on the habits of older people... feeding fish and birds and loving it.... who knew getting old was fun?

So, my time is spent loving on grandchildren, planting and watering flowers, feeding goldfish, watching birds, digging up worms (man, there are some REAL long ones here) for Noah to play with and to feed the fish. Did I tell you that the other day I went out to the pond and there was a fish swimming around with half a worm hanging out of his mouth. (wish I had had my camera then!)

Well, as I age I'll write more...

I'm thankful for the gifts I received - even though at the time I was not. Our blessings overtake us... only sometimes, we don't realize they are blessings until later...



How fun. I wanted a fish pond here but the snakes would love it so decided against it.

mandy said...

mmm.... i LOVE goldfish ponds!