Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Mumblings...

Thank you for all the response to my last blog. I really did not mean to make people feel guilty. I just wanted to hear from people - and I did. Thanks!

I am still in the middle of painting. I did finish the hall tonight. That is a great accomplishment! I will need to go back and touch-up the trim a little, but I still have much more painting to do so I can do it without too much trouble.

All I have left is two bathrooms, two bedrooms and the laundry room and the closets MAY get painted. This has taken too long already! But, it is really looking good and I am pleased with it.

Yesterday we had a great day! We had a good group of worshipers. (I would say "crowd", but it was not crowded!) We had one young man to be baptized.

When we left to come south we got a call asking if we could keep our oldest grandaughter (2 years old) from 4 til 7. Of course, we would!

Then, our oldest son asked us to keep our youngest grandaughter (3 months) at 7:30 for them to have a date night. We got to go to their house for that!

Then we got a call from our youngest daughter asking if they could come swimming and bring her brother and sister-in-law... of COURSE!

And as we were getting off the turnpike, our oldest daughter called to say they were on their way to the pool.

Sooooo... we got to see and visit with every one of our kids! Can I say again and again that I am blessed and so happy to be where we are! God is good. He has answered our prayers exceedingly abundantly above what we could have asked for!

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What a gloriously fun time!