Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday Plans

They have PROMISED to fix our air conditioning!!!! Can I say how thankful I am for a/c???? I PLAN to get it fixed!

Man, it has been sooooo hot! I have been extremely lethargic and grumpy! I have wanted to eat my way through a mountain of ice cream!

The pool has been so nice and I have enjoyed it! It is tempting to walk around in my bathing suit all the time - or better yet, just veg in the water.

Also, we PLAN to have an electrician come and give us an estimate on installing canned lights in the kitchen and living room. We had some very outdated ceiling arrangement and we took that down and that left some real ugly florescent light fixtures. As soon as we get the canned lights in then we can paint the ceiling - it SURE does need it!

Then, I PLAN to go to the dentist. Hugsum found one that uses our insurance plan. He had his teeth cleaned on Tuesday and I get mine done on Thursday. They certainly do need it!

I also PLAN to continue to unpack and put up things and settle in more.

I SHOULD plan to paint, but I'm waiting until I have some cool air around me! Paint and sweat do not mix!



Not only do paint and sweat not mix and paint and heat don't do well together either. So glad you will finally have AC. I'm proud of you for handling it without giving in to all that you wanted to. ONYA

The LaBouffs said...

Please oh please, Mr. A/C-man come fix moma's air TODAY!!!

The lights would be nice too, but the air conditioning would feel like a piece of heaven inside your house again :)