Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Reunion

Today, in Georgia, we are having the Bennett Cousin Reunion! What fun!!!!

The only thing is, I'M NOT THERE!!!! :(

Last fall my sister said she was planning to have the reunion on the weekend of Grandmama Bennett's birthday. I think it would have been her 103rd. We always got together for her birthday when she was alive and we haven't since she died in 1981. I've missed seeing the cousins.

We used to all gather at Grandmama's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She had a very small 4 room house with no plumbing - well, outdoor (outhouse and pump). But it was always fun and we loved it.

During the summer we would go visit for a couple of weeks. There were three of us girls about the same age and we were close... me, Sharon and Loretta... Grandmama always wanted us there during revival week.

It was lots of fun. We would have 10 cents a day to spend at the store. We would walk to the store and spend our dime. We could get a coke, (generic for "pop", "soda", "soft drink" for all you non-southerners) and then lots of penny candy. We would all try to be the one to have the "last piece" so that we could make the others jealous. I never won - I always just ATE mine!

Grandmama lived right across the street from the railroad tracks. The Nancy Hanks stopped there. We knew what time it was according to when the train ran. You could get on the Nancy Hanks and ride to Atlanta and back. We got in trouble if we walked on the tracks, but that was so much fun! We loved "walking the tight rope" and pretended to be in the circus.

Well, so much for walking down memory lane. I'd love to be there with the cousins. May parents will be there too. Mama is the oldest living Bennett. All her brothers and sisters but one have gone on - Uncle Bucky, and he will also be there. He is the youngest Bennett sibling out of 7. His six children won't be making the trip from Washington state, but I think that almost all of the other cousins will be there.

Can you tell I'm missing it? Can you tell that I would love to be there and see everyone? I'm sure that we all look the same as we did growing up - or the last time we saw each other. HAHA - age has certainly not changed us. I think that we are all 50 at least!

A couple of years ago I was at Aunt Caroline's funeral and her four sons were there. I did not even recognize them! Many other cousins were there too. I recognize some of them - but had to ask about others.

We were all very close growing up. We gathered often for celebrations and holidays. We gathered for grief and comfort. We were a very close family.

My own children have not had that close cousin relationship. I'm sorry for them. But, they wanted it for their children. That is why we have all made monumental sacrifices to live close together - so that we CAN be close and spend time. Those childhood memories are priceless. Those relationships are timeless.

Wish I could be in Georgia with the cousins.... thankful that I am where I am forming new family memories to be cherished.


The LaBouffs said...

They'd recognize still look like you're 12 (plus some) he he he. I know they are missing you not being there, too!


You are so blessed to have such wonderful family memories. I grew up many states away from my parent family. No one ever even thought of a family reunion. I've met my cousins from my dad's side of the family a couple times in my life. My dad would be 102 today. My parents had me in their late 30's. Cherish those memories and I know you are making wonderful ones for those beautiful grands.