Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too Hard Tuesday!

Today has been hard.

Last night I "suggested" that we get up real early and turn off the electricity and install our ceiling fans and also some of the old plugs and switches. We still don't have any a/c... this is three weeks. In the early morning it is nice and cool so it is a good time to cut off the attic fan and do the electrical work.

Beka did not have to be at class until noon, so she was coming about 11 and feeding the kids and then putting them down for their nap.

I thought we had PLENTY of time to get done what we needed...

It didn't turn out as we planned.

Thankfully (for me), she got here early. Hugsum is just "learning" to be handy and we were having some "difficulty" communicating and working together. We approach things in such a different way... well, nuff said!

Beka came and saved the day and helped her daddy get the fan up - sure saved some words that did not need to be said and well - just made life easier!

On top of that, the a/c was supposed to be fixed today. I hung around in the heat (attic fan pulling in air that is over 90 makes house over 90!) About 4 I decided to call to see what time they were coming. I called... they answered, I identified myself and asked what time they were coming to fix a/c. The girl flippantly said, 'ummm I don't know" and put me on hold for 5 minutes. I hung up and called back - the same conversation with the same results... I hung up and called back the third time - SAME EXACT thing happened. So, I hung up and called the fourth time. A man answered then and stuttered and stammered and "promised" to be here on Thursday.

I did not cry. I did not cuss. I did not jump up and down and scream. I sure did want to though.

Friday, we head back up to our pastorate for the weekend. Thankfully, it has air conditioning.

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