Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Find

I found a couple of patches of these in my "other" yard...
... not sure whether to eat them or not - probably not. But... I sure do love strawberries!

We have officially "moved" into our parsonage. We will be here a couple of days a week. I have LOTS of time to catch up on my rest, my studies, my crocheting, my prayer times - and did I mention rest? Hugsum is busy visiting and doing "pastor work". I am here to support.
What kinds of things do you do to support your husband in his work?


The Preacher's Wife said...

I read this on a website, and have often thought of it since I am a fairly new PW:

The Pastor's wife is the only woman I know
who is asked to work full time without pay on her husband's job,
in a role no one has yet defined.
Ruthe White

Elsa said...

I know this sounds silly.....but i love to surprise Cal with a candy bar, coke & a BIG kiss. He loves for me to just show up randomly and say hey. Sometimes I go to his office wheb he isn't there and leave him a sweet note on his computer. It's the small things that count!


FYI There is no spiritual gift called Pastor's Wife. :-)

For my husband one of the biggest things I do is pray. I also tell him thank you, often, for working. Especially since for many years he was treated horribly.

beverlydru said...

When my husband was newly saved, he said "wouldn't that be the PERFECT job- to be a pastor and get to pray and read the Bible all day?!" I laughed hysterically and told him that was the HARDEST job in the world- he would see. Well, he's not a pastor, but I do lots to support him. Chief of which is his bookkeeping whcih I loathe and am not good at. That's love for ya.