Thursday, January 28, 2010

South Georgia Girl

I laugh at myself quite often. It is easy to do and it sure makes life easier and more fun. I don't always admit to others what I do, but I sure do to myself!

This week we have had threats of "weather" all over the news. All you who know me, know that I love the nice warm weather of S. Georgia... and am not particularly fond of cold. I consider anything under 50 as qualifying as "freezing".

The other night at Walmart I was just buying "regular" things. I noticed extremely LONG lines and empty shelves. I needed paper plates, but there were NONE... the shelf was bare. Not only that shelf but there were no buns, very little bread... even meat was scarce! People had carts full of water and gas cans, batteries, candles, lanterns...

I had no clue. I was just happy with the nice warm weather we were having. I started talking to the lady in the line in front of me. (That's what we do in Georgia!) I asked what was going on, was I missing something?

It started a huge conversation between lines and people all over! I was quickly informed of the impending storm... threatening to be worse than the one they had in 2007!!!!!!!

The horror and fear in people was contagious! I had to fight off the urge to go and grab everything in sight "just in case"... I might need that pair of shorts on clearance or that ugly necklace on display, or 15 different magazines ... I even wanted to go and get all the organizational and storage bins ... a lady behind me had a VERY nice big bin with wheels that was "only" $10 and she was willing to run back to the shelf and get me the last 3 if I wanted!

I had to stop and go for peace and laugh at myself. I couldn't get the bins in my car, I didn't need shorts and I already have about 20 magazines waiting for me to read at home....

I didn't run frantically around grabbing everything in sight - I stayed in line and got out of there as soon as I could!

In case you don't know why the panic, I'll be glad to share (as it has been shared with me).

We didn't live here then. All our children did, though. In December 2007 (the fear producing date) they had a mammoth ice storm. It brought down power lines and trees and paralyzed the state for a long time. We began looking for a house in March of 2008 - 4 months after THE storm. Some of the neighborhoods still had piles of tree limbs that covered entire yards over 6 feet high! In our yard (before we bought it) there were 13 trees that fell! (Glad they are gone, that's for sure!)

People tremble at the thought of that storm. You can see the blood run from their faces as they talk about it.

The local news people have said that that storm, based on somebody's scale, was a # 3 and 4. They are saying we have the same weather conditions merging today and are saying it could be as high as #4 and 5 in some places.

I'm not receiving that report.

We are scheduled to get rain first (any minute now) - that they say will immediately turn to ice and cover power lines, bridges, and tree limbs. It will be heavy if this happens and can cause problems.... then the rain will turn to sleet and then snow... up to 12 inches...

My South Georgia blood runs cold at the thought of all this. I enjoy seeing it snow about once a year. After that it is no fun. We have already had a "nice" snow. We had a white Christmas and it threw everyone's plans for a loop!

I am thankful that I have gas logs and a gas grill. At least, we can cook some things and stay warm in the living room....

I have a roast in the crockpot, eggs boiled, a rotisserie chicken and lots of crackers... WHY crackers ???? you may ask... Well, I sent Hugsum to the store to get some batteries and snacks. So he came back with 3 (THREE) boxes of saltine crackers... ummm, yeah... right... we can put mayonnaise on them and ??? Well, anyway, another thing that makes me laugh.

It should be fun and interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing God's Hand in the middle of this. I know that He will protect, provide and prosper...

I'll keep you updated as I can!



Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Stay warm, Merrie!

(Did I know you were in South Georgia? I think I did...but forgot. Anyway, I live in North Georgia! We're practically neighbors!) :-)

Thena said...

I didn't realize you were in South Ga. I don't think. I'm also in South Ga, or if I knew it I had forgotten. What storm are you referring to? I haven't heard of anything coming this week.

The LaBouffs said...

Yeah...I miss warm South Ga weather too. BUT I'm glad you live here in Oklahoma near me :)

lailani said...

May your weather people prove to have been bored and thus wrong. But if ice does coat your neck of the woods, stay warm and enjoy those crackers!!!! lol!