Sunday, January 24, 2010


Have you ever had something happen that just throws you for a loop? It is so completely bazaar and something out of the blue that you just shake your head in amazement and unbelief.

This can be something wonderful and fun and exciting... things like a surprise trip, or gift, maybe a compliment - or one of my favorites, a great deal on something.

Last year I had a great surprise happen that was so nice. A friend I have known all my life called me. We had not talked in about 30 years! She had remarried and moved away. I had moved away. We had no way of finding each other. Then she decided to see if she could find my parents. She found their number in the phone book, called and got my number. We picked up right away. Some friendships just last beyond distance and time.

We also had some other not so pleasant things hit us, but we have found that God's grace is sufficient. His mercy and love enabled and strengthened us.

The wonderful thing about walking with God is that when something comes in and knocks us we may lose our balance briefly, but He is always there to steady and stabilize us and set us back on our feet! IF we turn to Him.

Good things can take our focus off as well as bad.

I have found that if I will step back and re-evaluate the situation, it is never as it seems. Sometimes that bargain is not really a bargain because it is not something I need or really like. I just want to get it because it is "on sale"!

Even a new baby can put things out of kilter for awhile. They are certainly good things, but require adjustments.

It is important when something hits that is devastating and disturbing that we wait before we respond. We may be misinterpreting things and it probably is not as awful and bad as we first think. Nothing is ever as bad as it first appears. NOTHING! God is always there to redeem, fix, repair, restore. He is loving, kind and good. He knows ... He KNEW it was coming and has a way to deal with it that will benefit us and glorify Him.

I am not proud of my responses at times. I have had to repent and ask for help and forgiveness. I have had to eat crow. I have been humbled. I have also received forgiveness and blessings and restoration.

I'm eternally thankful that I serve a loving, forgiving God! In my mess ups, He restores order!


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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I love that: "In my mess ups, He restores order!"